How to Send Money From Angola to Nigeria

In our interconnected world, sending money internationally has become a common necessity. Whether it’s for family support, business transactions, or other financial needs, knowing how to efficiently and securely send money from one country to another is essential. If you are in Angola and need to send money to Nigeria, this guide will walk you through the various methods available, highlighting their benefits, costs, and considerations.

Understanding the Options

  1. Bank Transfers: One of the most straightforward methods is using bank-to-bank transfers. Both local and international banks facilitate this service. To send money from Angola to Nigeria via bank transfer:
    • Visit your local bank branch.
    • Provide details such as the recipient’s name, account number, bank name, and SWIFT/BIC code.
    • Expect transfer fees and possibly currency conversion charges.
    1. Money Transfer Companies: Companies like Western Union, MoneyGram, and Ria operate in both Angola and Nigeria, offering convenient transfer services. Steps to use these services include:
      • Locate a branch or agent of the chosen company.
      • Fill out a send form with recipient details.
      • Pay the amount you wish to send along with fees.
    2. Online Money Transfer Services: Utilize online platforms like TransferWise (Wise), PayPal, or Skrill for digital transfers. These services often offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks. To send money online:
      • Create an account on the chosen platform.
      • Provide recipient details.
      • Enter the amount and select the desired currency.

    Factors to Consider

    • Exchange Rates: Pay attention to current exchange rates to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.
    • Fees: Different services have varying fee structures. Compare rates to find the most cost-effective option.
    • Speed of Transfer: Consider how quickly the recipient needs the funds. Some methods offer faster transfers for higher fees.
    • Security: Opt for reputable and secure services to protect your money and personal information.
    • Convenience: Choose a method that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s visiting a physical location or handling everything online.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Money

    Using Bank Transfer

    1. Visit your local bank branch in Angola.
    2. Request an international transfer form.
    3. Provide recipient details including bank name, account number, and SWIFT/BIC code.
    4. Specify the amount to be sent and the currency.
    5. Pay the required fees.
    6. Confirm the transaction details.
    7. Receive confirmation of the transfer.

    Using Money Transfer Companies

    1. Locate a Western Union, MoneyGram, or Ria branch.
    2. Fill out a send form with recipient details.
    3. Hand over the amount to be sent plus fees.
    4. Obtain a receipt with a tracking number.
    5. Inform the recipient of the transfer details.

    Using Online Money Transfer Services

    1. Create an account on TransferWise (Wise), PayPal, or Skrill.
    2. Navigate to the money transfer section.
    3. Enter recipient details including bank account or email address.
    4. Specify the amount and currency.
    5. Review the exchange rate and fees.
    6. Confirm the transaction.
    7. Track the transfer status through the online platform.

    Considerations for Recipients

    If you are the recipient of international funds in Nigeria, keep the following in mind:

    • Bank Information: Ensure the sender provides accurate bank details to avoid delays or complications.
    • Identification: Some services require the recipient to provide identification when collecting funds.
    • Exchange Rate: Be aware of applicable exchange rates and any fees deducted by the receiving bank or service.


    Sending money from Angola to Nigeria is achievable through a variety of reliable and secure methods. Each option has its pros and cons based on factors like speed, cost, and convenience. By understanding the available channels and considering the specific needs of both sender and recipient, you can successfully navigate the process of international money transfer. Always prioritize security and transparency to ensure a smooth financial transaction across borders.

    Whether you opt for traditional bank transfers, reputable money transfer companies, or online platforms, the key is to choose a method that aligns with your preferences and needs. Stay informed about exchange rates and fees to make the most economical decision. With these guidelines, you can confidently send money from Angola to Nigeria while minimizing hassle and maximizing efficiency.

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