Female Artist that has Won the Most Grammy Award in Africa

The Grammy Awards is an annual ceremony that honors outstanding achievements in the music industry. It is considered as one of the most prestigious awards in the field of music. The Grammys are presented by the Recording Academy, a professional organization composed of musicians, producers, engineers, and other music professionals.

The awards ceremony was first held in 1959, and since then, it has become a significant event in the music industry. The winners of the Grammy Awards are determined through a voting process by members of the Recording Academy. These members have relevant experience and expertise in the industry. Nominees are selected from submissions, and the final winners are chosen through a multi-round voting system.

The Grammy Awards is usually held in Los Angeles, California. It features live performances by popular artists and bands, as well as tributes to music legends. The event attracts global audience and is televised worldwide making it one of the most-watched  music awards shows.

The Grammy Awards recognizes and celebrates music from Africa. In addition to the general categories that encompasses various genres, there are specific categories that honor African music. Over the years, several African artists and groups have been nominated and won in this category. Angelique Kpasseloko Hinto Kidjo is indeed one of the most acclaimed and successful African artists at the Grammy Awards. She is a Beninese-French singer, songwriter, actress and activist. Angelique Kidjo as she is professionally called has won a total of five Grammy Awards, which is the highest number for a female African artist. She has 5 wins and 14 nominations. Her Grammy wins include Best World Music Album for “Djin Djin” in 2008, ” Eve” in 2015, and “Celia” in 2020, as well as Best Contemporary World Music Album for ” Sings” in 2015.

Angelique Kidjo’s Grammy wins are a testament to her talent, musical prowess, and global impact. Her music combines elements of African rhythms, jazz, funk and various other genres, creating a unique and vibrant sound that resonates with the audiences worldwide. She has been recognized not only for her outstanding vocal abilities, but also for her contributions to promoting African music and culture on the global stage. She is known for her diverse musical style, which combines elements of Afropop and reggae.¬† This versatility has truly earned her a name in Africa and the whole world.

Born into a family of performing artists, Angelique began performing in her mother’s theatre troupe at the age of six. As a teenager, she sang in her brother’s Rock-rhythm-and-blues band. A professional singer by age 20, she recorded her first album, “Pretty” in 1988. Kidjo’s music explores fusion of Zouk, Zairean rumba, Samba, Salsa, gospel, Cameroonian Makossa and various Beninese traditions.

As a passionate UNICEF Ambassador, Angelique raises issues affecting children and young people, and her songs address homelessness, freedom and integration.

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