How To Find Google Nigeria Office: Customer Care Contact

You must have known that is the best search engine in the world and is ranked the fastest site on earth by alexa’s ranking.

Google Nigeria offers opportunities for business, advertisements and personal advancement in terms of careers to young Nigerians seeking to advance their careers with the multi global company. There is also options of converting the search engine to indigenous languages like Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin English.

With most issues you encounter in the course of using Google, be it a problem with your Gmail, your Google Chrome browser, or Google Maps, let’s say, other people have likely encountered a dozen times over. Or a million.

Google Nigeria office is in Lagos is here to deal with those common issues, and  addressing myriad problems you have found so difficult over the year to address. Here’s how to Find Google Nigeria Office in Lagos to deal with the common issues, and  addressing myriad problems you have found so difficult using google.

The Importance of Google Search in Nigeria

As of 2022, the estimated number of internet users in Nigeria was more than 108 million. Moreover, the share of the Nigerian population using the internet is expected to grow to approximately 60 percent by 2027.

Research conducted asking Nigerian consumers about “Most used search engines by Nigerians” and found that “Google” takes the top spot, while “Ecosia” is at the other end of the ranking. Here are the few of many importance of Google search in Nigeria:

  • Google provides instant access to vast amounts of information at our fingertips in Nigeria.
  • Google enables quick and efficient research on various topics, from health issues to DIY projects in Ngeria.
  • Helps in resolving everyday queries, such as finding recipes, checking weather forecasts, or locating nearby businesses in Nigeria.
  • Facilitates learning through educational resources, tutorials, and instructional videos.
  • Google saves time by offering auto-complete and suggested search terms.
  • Google keeps users updated with the latest news, trends, and developments across various industries in Nigeria.
  • Google acts as a valuable tool for making informed decisions, whether it’s buying products, planning trips, or comparing prices.

How To Find Google Nigeria Office Address

To find Google Nigeria office address is very easy. The address of Google office in Nigeria is located at 3rd Floor, Mulliner Towers, 39 Kingsway Road, Lagos. This is the address you can use to locate Google office in Nigeria.

If you need any information about their services, job openings, and other inquiries, feel free to visit the Google Nigeria office and meet the receptionist, who will guide you through on the information you seek.

Workers and staff at the company describe the Google Nigeria office as one of the best places you can work in the country. We hope to see more of their offices spread throughout major states and cities in the country.

Google Nigeria Customer Care Contact

  • Contact Person: Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor (Country Manager)
  • Contact Address: Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Telephone Number: 01-2719125
  • Website Address:

Google Headquarters

The main headquarters of Google Inc. is located in the state of California, in the city of Mountain View. Google has more than 80 offices around the world as of writing this post. One unique feature about their outlets is that their offices mixes a blend of the company’s corporate policy as well as culture of the country where it is situated.

About Google In Lagos Nigeria

The Developers Space, located in Ikoyi, Lagos, is the flagship startup and developer hub in Africa. This hub provides the African tech community with access to Google’s resources, programs, tech and business mentors.

Google Search Benefits for Individuals in Nigeria

Access to Vast Amounts of Information: Google Search provides unparalleled access to a vast amount of information in Nigeria. With just a few keystrokes, Nigerians can explore a wide range of topics instantly. From general knowledge to specific details, Google’s search algorithm effectively retrieves relevant results from across the web. For instance, Nigerians can find answers to trivia questions, definitions of unfamiliar terms, or even detailed guides on various subjects. Whether it’s researching for school projects or finding solutions to everyday problems, Google Search acts as a comprehensive knowledge tool that empowers Nigerians with the information they seek.

Instant Answers and Knowledge Graph: Instant Answers and Knowledge Graph are two powerful features of Google Search in Nigeria. It provide Nigerians with quick access to information without needing to click through multiple links. When you search for specific facts, definitions, or quick calculations, Google often displays a direct answer at the top of the search results page, saving you valuable time.

Additionally, the Knowledge Graph appears as a box on the right side of the page, showing relevant information about famous people, places, or organizations.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency: By harnessing the power of Google Search in Nigeria, individuals can significantly enhance their productivity and efficiency in various tasks. The advanced search features and filters provided by Google enable Nigerians to quickly narrow down their search results and find the most relevant information. Time-saving auto-complete and suggestions help streamline the searching process, reducing the time spent typing and improving overall efficiency. With Google Search in Nigeria, individuals can quickly find answers, access essential resources, and complete tasks more efficiently, enabling them to accomplish more in less time.


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