Top 7 Profitable Home-based Business To Start In Nigeria

Home-based business or simply put, working from home has grown in acceptance all over the world. if you are searching for the top home-based business In Nigeria, then we will look into this today. 

One thing to note is that there are countless home-based business ideas, that can be operated in Nigeria, but many people do not know this, because when we talk about home-based business, the first thing that comes to mind is working online, well that may be correct, and we won’t be drifting away from that fact, as it justifies that fact that we can have our own home offices. 

So if you’re looking for home-based business ideas to start in Nigeria, in this article we are going to share some of those ideas. 

But first how significant is working from home or starting a home-based business in a country like Nigeria which many people see as underdeveloped? 

Let me bring to your reminder that working from home had a big positive impact when COVID-19 required businesses all over the world to send their staff home and work electronically.

In a nut-shell, in the past few years, the popularity of working from home has skyrocketed more than it used to be, because many people then didn’t see the relevance of technology, and Nigeria too has embraced this. During the pandemic, many already-existing companies were compelled to shift their current working staffs to freelancers (Those working from home). Additionally, the acceptance of working from home, is now global, this is why starting a home-based businesses is a very great idea, for and there are several industries that you create your business on. 

How Easy is it to Start a Home-based Business in Nigeria?

The truth is, It’s becoming easier and easier to start a home-based business, whether in Nigeria or any part of the world. There are countless ways to start a successful home business, regardless of whether your goal is to do so in addition to working the regular salary kind of job or just working from home. 

But when it comes to starting a home-based business, we have to find the type that fits your skill set, interests, and budget, in this article we will list the top 8 home based business ideas to start in Nigeria as you keep reading.

One thing you must remember is that in order to have a stable and balanced life, you don’t necessarily need to obtain a “regular job.” People don’t realize that there are many different ways to make a decent living by working from home, in order to support yourself, fully on your own terms.

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Why You Should Think About Starting a Home-Based Business Right Away

In case you still need to be more convinced, as to the benefits of starting a home-based business, here are some of the best justifications on why you should start a business from home in Nigeria.

1. It’s Cost savings plus no business capital required: 

Running a home business comes at a great advantage, it eliminates the need for having a separate office or a shop. Instead, you might put that money in savings or utilize it elsewhere.

You do not need to spend money on transport, assuming you are working on a place not close to your home, and finally you really do not need a start-up capital to start a home-based business.

58% of workers claimed home-based business had a favorable effect on their finances, according to a 2021 Bankrate study. For instance, I am currently a freelancer, when I was working regular jobs, I used to spend a lot on lunches or sometimes breakfast, because I have to leave the house early for work, so now that I work from home, I can definitely save.

If you are also going to be working from home, Individual spending will differ, in general, just so you know the benefits, here are some areas where you could save costs:

  • Driving your own car or using public transportation (the cost of gas, tolls, and annual or monthly fairs for the bus).
  • Clothes: You can work or go about your day with a few cozy leggings or joggers or a variety of other loose-fitting, of course not rags, your normal home clothes will do. If you choose to dress up to have a feeling of a professional, however you like, the ball is in your court, you don’t need to have an extensive collection of business wears and dress shoes.
  • Food: While making lunch and getting ready for work at the same time is fantastic, not everyone can fit meal preparation into their weekly schedules. Your fridge at home can contain your personal selection of meals and snacks. While working from home.

2. It assures greater flexibility, ability to scale and pivot:

Running a business from your home also gives you the freedom to work almost anywhere you feel like, any state any country, any place. Depending on your line or industry, this also mean you may be able to accommodate your family’s need or even relocate when necessary, as opposed to when you are working on a particular organization.

You have a choice of residences since you are not confined to a particular city or area.

Between 2020 and 2022 during the pandemic, 5 million people relocated as a result of remote employment. Many home-based workers kept their positions and only have to relocate closer to family, to a dream location, or to a region with cheaper cost of living after they were no longer attached to a physical office. 

keep in mind that it might not be optimal to change places in some circumstances assuming you are working from home for a particular company, such as when your employer requires you to attend  meetings once a week. Most company employers only hire someone who is based in the state or nation.

And if you are working strictly for yourself maybe as a freelancer, you can start your business from home to save money and grow it later into a bigger office, or you can continue running it from home.

Also, let assume you need an extra hand or someone to support you, you don’t need to look for people who can physically work with you if you ever need to hire someone or outsource a given project. Instead, you can get people to collaborate with you online.

3. Working from home gives you opportunity for a balanced work-life:

You may have more opportunity to travel, engage in enjoyable hobbies, or spend quality time with loved ones if you have time and location flexibility.

Depending on your situation and that of your child (or children), you may be able to save money, because assuming you are not working from home, and you have younger kids, you might need to give your kids to dare care so they don’t disturb you at work, but things would be more balanced if you work from home, you will be available for childcare or after-school activities if you’re a parent or caregiver, on the other hand, since you are at home more often than you would be away, you would be using less energy and be more relaxed.

For example you can furnish your home office with items like a cozy chair or desk, you will have your own internet and you can plan how you want your working space to be in order for you to feel more comfortable.

Top 7 Home-Based Business to Start in Nigeria Today

It may seem difficult to come up with a solid business idea for those who want to work from home, but that would not be a problem we have carved out some home-based business ideas, with little arrangements and extra preparation you should be set to start working from home, please remember that if you already have a regular business, you can easily start a small home-based business to supplement your income or you can work for yourself full-time from home.

It’s also possible that you already have some ideas for the kind of home-based business you want to start. Our list can also be a guide for you before you decide on which business to settle for, so be enthusiastic about your ideas and be prepared for a new career, as we take you through some great home-based business to start in Nigeria.

There are various type of home-based business to start in Nigeria but here are 7 of the most doable ones to take into account, the businesses on this list, are some of the most lucrative ones you can successfully start from home, majority of them require using a computer and an internet connection, but we also want to you to know that apart from the online businesses there are other offline home-based business which we included in this list.

So here they are.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The most popular home-based business idea to start in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. So what will you be doing by becoming an affiliate marketer? Simply, you can advertise the goods or services of another business by using affiliate marketing and all of these happens online. You get paid when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. These commissions are often either a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale price.

All you need for affiliate marketing is a website. It’s a no risk and suitable home-based business, even if you put in a little money, to setup a blog or website which you will use to promote those goods or services of other business for a commission, you will only loose a little time and money if you happen not to get referrals which is how affiliate marketing works, but if you are good in it, and you learn the rudiments, this will be a very good home-based business to start.

Be aware that you must make it clear that you are including affiliate links, for example when you include them on your website, a video for YouTube, or something else, you can as well tell your audience explicitly to patronize the business or service you are linking to, it can help you get more sales and referral commission to ensure you succeed if you will be running an affiliate market business.

  1. Blogger/Youtuber

The second most popular idea is Blogging, or vlogging.

if you have a a great deal of writing skills? You can do writing, you can be employed as a writer for blogs or companies, writing as a freelancer, is a lucrative home-based business idea. Companies of all sizes will pay significantly for someone to write for their blog. Writing may be for you if you have a skill for putting words together.

Starting off  and getting a company to hire you requires a lot of networking, but if you have a portfolio to showcase your abilities, you’ll be able to convince clients that you are the exact writer they require. 

Additionally, if you have a passion for vlogging which is all about recording videos and posting on Youtube, you can go for this too as a long-term and career, and once you have created enough videos in your vlog, you will start making money from those vidoes on Youtube.

  1. Online business planning

If you already have business experience, you can offer your services as a business planner, with this you can assist other entrepreneurs in starting and running their businesses. Help your clients integrate their ideas, money, and business goals into a single, well-organized business road map. In order to ascertain whether a client’s firm has the potential to be successful or whether it needs to make changes or take a different path, you can also assist in conducting market research.

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  1. Web or App Developer

The need for applications and websites has never been greater as the globe becomes a global village and more businesses start up every day. Because of the opportunity in this type of industry, it is incredibly a lucrative home-based business idea. It’s interesting to note that low-cost/free developing software and simple tools have considerably lowered the cost of learning how to develop apps and website so even if you don’t have the skills before hand you can learn it. 

For app development once, you have a computer you can start building right away with software like Android studio. After that, you can publish the app. Even so, you can still opt to collaborate with independent mobile app developers and make a healthy profit.

  1. Graphic Designer.

As a graphic designer you have to create a portfolio for yourself, and build a business you’re proud of, graphic design is a skill you can use to start your home-based business, you set your own hours, and decide which projects to work on. Many businesses go to skilled graphic designers for assistance on a range of initiatives, including website design, blog graphics, and more.

The positive news is that you don’t need to be certified, although obtaining a certification (such as a graphic design certificate can give you a more global recognition by showing that you are a certified pro) but having any sort of degree in design is not necessary to work as a freelance graphic designer, but it can help you feel more confident when you present your portfolio and finish your first few projects.

  1. Domain/Hosting Reseller:

Another type of home-based business idea you can start in Nigeria is reselling domains or hosting, you might want to go into this field if you have experience about how hosting and domains work.

It’s incredibly easy to get started, once you have the experience all you have to do is buy a reseller hosting and start your own hosting/domain business.

  1. Daycare or home tutorials

The last home-based business idea to start in Nigeria on our list is one that does not require you having any internet connection.

If you have you ever looked for child care or day care center then you must know what this business is about. It suffice to know that you can start a small day care at your home and hep look after the neighbor kids or even become their home tutor.

There are few places people can rely on for weekend or evening child care or simply put a babysitter. But you can help parents in your region by offering your assistance. Certainly all states in Nigeria let individuals to run a home childcare business, and you may capitalize on the low level of competition and the high demand for after-school care to establish a dependable business. State-by-state business registration requirements vary, but this isn’t necessary and no law in the country states that you must be registered, but if you want to go a little big and get parents trust you can do this, as long as you keep the number of children you’re looking after to a minimum that you handle.

Wrap up!

Now that you have the list of top home-based business idea to start, the question is which do you plan to start, whichever you decide on going for and starting with remember to take the business serious, there are a few disadvantage that comes with running a home-based business idea which we may talk about in another article, but remember that one of them is supervision, you have to supervise yourself and ensure you are not lazy simply because you are working from home.

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