How to Become a Flight Attendant?

Among the occupation-related questions to be asked by any serious-minded person or student is how to become a flight attendant in a world that focuses more on high-income and socially connected careers? A flight attendant help passengers get seated, demonstrate how to use the plane’s safety equipment, including seat belts, and provide snacks, beverages and other services.

Legally, all airlines require flight attendants on staff to ensure passengers’ safety. Be it private or public/commercial airlines, flight attendants are necessary customer service delivery tools that cannot be overlooked or undermined, if the airline they work for must grow. These people, since they are necessary mechanisms to achieving quality, must have some very important roles to play:

  • Inspecting emergency equipment before each flight

  • Ensuring the plane’s cabin is clean and well-stocked with food and drinks

  • Lifting heavy luggage into overhead bins and closing them before takeoff

  • Reporting safety or medical issues that occurred on a flight

  • Reviewing company policies and health guidelines for passengers

  • Making sure all passengers are prepared for takeoff and landing

  • Helping passengers with special needs, small children or medical assistance needs

  • Responding to disruptive passengers and monitoring the plane for suspicious behavior

  • Helping passengers find their seats, locating and use safety equipment, putting out potential fires and directing evacuations in case of emergency situations

Unlike other professional careers around the corners of the labor market, the flight attendant job doesn’t require a college degree and comes with perks like free travel, hotel rooms and meals are just a few reasons why there are so many applicants hoping to get hired as flight attendants. Let us then check out some of the practicable steps to knowing the pros and cons related to how to become a flight attendant:

Get a Degree, though not Necessary

Even though a college degree isn’t required to become a flight attendant, earning one can certainly help bolster a candidate’s resume. Although a college degree isn’t required, applicants are required to have their GED or High School Diploma in order to become flight attendants. What airlines find more valuable in flight attendant candidates than anything else is proven customer service or hospitality experience.

Hone Your Customer Service Abilities

There’s no replacement on a resume for high level customer satisfaction or service positions. One of the best ways for prospective flight attendants to stand out in the mind of airlines hiring flight attendants is to come to the table with a wide range of customer service skills that have been put to the test with real customers.

The more customer service experience a candidate has amassed over time, the more likely that candidate is to be equipped to have the skills prospective employers are looking for.

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Apply for Internships or Training Opportunities

All airlines require that new hires complete an orientation training program. In addition, flight attendants must complete orientation on each specific aircraft for the airline, very few airlines have the same aircraft. After completing the application and interview process, the next step to becoming a flight attendant is to train for the necessary certifications.

One option for applicants without hospitality experience who are hoping to stand out to airlines hiring new attendants is to complete a flight attendant training program before applying for positions. Otherwise, flight attendants typically receive new hire training at the flight training center of the airline they’ve been hired by. Most training programs take about six weeks to complete.

Starting Making Full-Time Job Applications

This step may not be as easy as it sounds. Thousands of applicants without training never land an interview with an airline. Moreover, once you enter the interviewing process, the competition is fierce. That is why you must be completely prepared for your interview. Our school specializes in training you for interviews and airlines will often interview students while they’re still in class.

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