Information About Madagascar

Information About Madagascar People.

Important information about Madagascar you should first know  is that the country is officially known as the Republic of Madagascar. Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean and is located in the coast of Southeast Africa.

Information About Madagascar

The nation comprises the island of Madagascar which is the fourth-largest island in the world, as well as numerous smaller islands near this place.

A long time ago Madagascar was part of India but this place split from India around 85 million years ago, allowing plants to evolve and native animals in relative isolation.

Madagascar is a very biodiversity hotspot . Over 90 % of its wildlife is found nowhere else in different places in the world.

The Republic of Madagascar was ruled by a fragmented assortment of shifting sociopolitical alliances until the late 18th century. Beginning in the early 20th century, most of the island was ruled and united as the Kingdom of Madagascar.

French and Malagasy are both official languages of the Republic of Madagascar. The majority of the population adheres to Christianity, traditional beliefs or an amalgamation of both. Agriculture and ecotourism, paired with greater investments in health, education and private enterprise, are key elements of development strategy in Republic of Madagascar.

Information About Madagascar.

  • An amazing information about Madagascar you must know is that the country is the fourth largest island in the world, approximately (587,000 2 km). The only larger islands are Borneo, Greenland and New Guinea.
  • Almost all of the plant and animal species found on the Madagascar Island are unique to this island.
  • Madagascar has two seasons, a dry cooler season which starts in May and last until October and a hot rainy season which starts in November and last until April.
  • The capital of this island is Antananarivo. This city is also the Madagascar’s most populated city.
  • The population of Madagascar : 21,290,000.
  • Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The people in this territory face many problems including poor health care, a poor educational system, economic problems and malnutrition.
  • Most of the population or better to say 52% maintain their indigenous religious beliefs, other 41% are Christian and 7% are Islam
  • Madagascar has two official languages, first is French and second Malagasy.
  • Madagascar Island was under French rule from 1895-1957.
  • This island has lost more than 80% of its original forest land since humans arrived on this place about two thousand years ago.

Popular Foods Madagascar.

  • Romazava is a type of beef stew.
  • Ravitoto is usually served with shredded cassava leaves.
  • Varanga (fried slivers of beef).
  • Sesika Vorivorin-kena is beef specialties with vegetables.
  • Smalona (stuffed eels).
  • Lasary is a colorful chutney usually made from mango, lemon, orange or papaya – or sometimes peanuts, tomato or different vegetables.
  • Khimo (beef popular food in Majunga).
  • Kabaro (Lima beans with coconut or curry, this kind of food is specialty in Morondava).
  • Ranovola – is drink with rice water, made by boiling water in the pan in which rice has just been cooked before. This kind of drink is an acquired taste that divides opinion among travelers in Madagascar.
  • Malagasy wine (produced by seven vineyards, and is typically of an average table wine quality; it is produced in red, white, rosé and grey types).
  • Litchel – is an aperitif made from pain apple and lychees.
  • Rhum arrange – is homemade flavored rums that are available in great variety – produced with various fruit or incidents. This drink is served in large glasses with a lot of ice and lemon.

Another interesting information about Madagascar  is the traditional people in Madagascar who eat a large mound of rice with special ingredients, which is served with meat, sauce and different vegetables.

Zebu (kind of beef) steaks are usually excellent and most commonly served with a delicious green peppercorn sauce and different vegetables.

Most towns in republic of Madagascar have cheap Chinese eateries, which are usually reliable with independent travelers and very popular. Pizza is popular everywhere in this country.

Note that usually hotels in Madagascar tend to offer a set menu or a very limited choice to their customers. Even restaurants with special apparently extensive menu may have a rather restricted number of specialties available outside peak tourist season. Tourist season starts in April and finish in September.

Vegetarian’s people can usually be accommodated easily in this place, even if there are no vegetarian specialties explicitly listed on the menu.

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