Top News TV Station in Nigeria and the Owner

Television station in Nigeria refers to station which broadcasts structured content to an audience or it refers to the organization that operates the station. A terrestrial television transmission can occur via analog television signals or, more recently, via digital television signals.

The goal of the Nigerian media is to disseminate information and also make sure that viewers are entertained to their full capacity. This is why TV stations are springing up around the country. Here are the top Nigerian news tv stations. These TV stations also provide chances for learning new things to the public through its educative programs.

Top News TV Station in Nigeria and the Owner

Below is a the list of top news TV Station in Nigeria and the owner that are currently making their mark in the media environment in Nigeria through their programs.

  • Channels Television
Channels Television  is one top news TV Station in Nigeria. The worth and owner of Channels Television is another factual information on the background of this most interesting television channels you need to know …[Continue Reading…]
  • OGTV and Location.
OGTV founder, year of establishment and location is a combined package of details about the year when OGTV was established, where it is situated and who founded the television …[Continue Reading…]
  • TVC Television
TVC is a private television station which is also known as Television Continental (TVC). It is one of Africa’s most popular TV stations situated in Lagos, Nigeria. It focuses entirely on giving latest information, news and reliable broadcasts on events across Nigeria in particular and the world at large. …[Continue Reading…]
  • LTV Television

The Lagos State Television is now one of the most popular African TVs that supply reliable information on happenings around the political horizon of the continent.. …[Continue Reading…]

  •  Galaxy TV
Galaxy Television is the first privately registered television station in Nigeria and also the first to broadcast in May 1994 from the hills of Oke-Are, Ibadan with 10 kilowatts Areodyne transmitter. …[Continue Reading…]
  • NTA
NTA is the top News TV Station in Nigeria and the most popular Nigerian broadcaster whose major focus is on News about happenings across the nation, Cultural Discourse, Politics. NTA is undeniably a household name of one of the oldest TV channels across the Nigerian landscape, we aim to look into its history and ownership.…[Continue Reading…]
  • AIT (African Independent Television).
Africa Independent Television, also known by its acronym AIT, is a privately owned television broadcasting station in Nigeria. It operates Free To Air in Nigeria as the largest privately operated terrestrial television network with stations in twenty-four out of thirty-six states in Nigeria…[Continue Reading…]
  • Silverbird TV

Silver TV is one of the most popular entertainment companies in Nigeria and beyond. It is a station that was created by Ben Murray-Bruce in 1980. It is situated in Lagos and it continues to feature on DSTV, GoTV, and even Startimes. Read the owner of Silverbird TV and Net Worth.

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