Lafarge Graduate Trainee Salary Structure (Up-to-date).

Lafarge Africa Plc, is a member of Lafarge Holcim, the world’s leader in sustainable building solutions. Listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Lafarge Africa is actively participating in the urbanization and economic growth of Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa.

Lafarge Graduate Trainee Salary

Lafarge Africa Plc believe in building a world that works for people and the planet. A world that keeps people safe, connected and thriving.

The Lafarge Graduate Trainee Salary aims to attract a diverse group of young, bright technical talent to develop into strong industry leaders that will help  continue to achieve the extraordinary. Join Lafarge Africa Plc to find better ways to build together.

Lafarge, through this and other talent development programs, continues to create the conditions for a diverse and inclusive workforce, with particular emphasis on gender balance in operational roles and developing talent at an early career stage.

As part of their efforts to ensure inclusion within the workplace and support the development of young talent, Lafarge have developed the Lafarge Africa Graduate Trainee Programme and the net salary for entry Level, Mid Level and Senior Level.

Lafarge Graduate Trainee Salary Structure

Are you looking for the Lafarge graduate trainee net salary?

From internships to management roles, and technical or creative roles, Lafarge have opportunities that enable you contribute your unique skills and talent to helping to build the extraordinary.

Below is the net salary of  graduate trainee,  a graduate that is being trained regarding management and development program conducted in the company and has to work side by side under the supervision of the senior employees:

1. Lafarge entry Level Graduate Trainee average net salary in Nigeria is ₦63K.

2. Lafarge Mid Level Graduate Trainee average net salary in Nigeria is ₦73K

3. Lafarge Senior Level  Graduate Trainee average net salary in Nigeria is  ₦81K

Graduate Trainee Duties

  • Bringing positive energy into the company, and forming lasting professional relationships with staff.
  • Visiting different working fields so as to get on hand working experience.
  • Taking notes on experiences and keeping a log of things learned.
  • Gathering as much information on the company and participating in on-the-job training wherever possible.
  • Keep records for the company come up with new ideas for the improvement in the basic conditions of the company.
  • Conducting research and assisting the Manager or Supervisor wherever possible.


Degree in relevant field

Common Graduate Trainee Interview Questions

  1. What is your perfect job?
  2. What ethical issues have you faced in the past and what action did you take?
  3. How would you cope with transfer? Why the trainee program? How would you resolve a conflict of interest situation?
  4. What domestic applications have you created using knowledge from your degree?
  5. Describe a situation in which you were innovative
  6. What is your greatest achievement? Tell us what the task was, and how you went about performing the task?

Required Skills

  • Good communication skills.
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to gain people’s confidence and put them at ease.
  • Analytical skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Influencing skills
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional intelligence
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