How to Make Extra Thousand Dollars a Month.

How to Make Extra Thousand Dollars a Month.

How to make extra thousand dollars a month often preoccupies, especially, the mind of everyone whose aim is to expand their financial coasts in life. This information seems to be part of man’s daily struggle most particularly in these times of persistent economic challenges. One of these challenges undoubtedly is the constant rise in prices of commodities and it is a constant reminder of the need to make a extra thousand dollars.

Financial goals are important for every serious-minded individual with a focus on a thriving future; thus, having this goal can help one build a really prominent financial empire which of course begins with learning how to make extra thousand dollars a month. Making an extra dollar is always palatable because of its capability to sort your debts, replenish your expenses, and recover losses incurred though unforeseen contingencies.

In this article, I will be putting you through some of the ways to make extra thousand dollar. Certainly, there are many ways and I will like for you to know some of these how-tos.

On the internet, there are several ways to make cool legitimate inflow of cash that will be raining in like rivers of incomes daily if you are committed to it. A lot of people do not have these ideas on how to make money especially because they lack the right information or lack the right link, or maybe because they seem not to be able to keep up with the pace or risks involved.

Well, if you have been on the look out for gigs without any serious risks that can discourage you; or you have been looking side work that can raise you big time and make you stand so strongly on your feet that you are able to face the economic challenges of recent times, this is just the right link for you to come because in this article you’ve got to be ready to learn so much.

How to Make Extra Thousand Dollars a Month.

The first steps on how to make extra thousand dollars a month are simply the fact that you own a phone and a laptop with a working internet that will help you easily surf the nook and cranny of the world wide web for the plenty of gigs available there. Below are the other steps to take:

1. Freelance Writing

There are a ton of companies out there that need written content, including blog posts, video scripts, website copy, and more. They’re willing to pay, too; a starting writer can easily charge $50 for an article.

More experienced writers can charge $150/article or more, depending on the length and subject matter. Work your way up to that level, and writing just two articles a week could net you $1,200 a month.

You can download Apps for Upwork, Fiverr, or visit ProBlogger in order to start and pick up real work that can fetch you fortune in dollars. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to blogs that accept guest contributions.

2. Graphic Design

Another one of the how to make extra thousand dollars a month is having grand skills of graphic designing. Companies aren’t just hungry for written content; they’re also constantly in need of graphics, illustrations, logos, custom slide decks, and other graphic design assets. Not only companies, many online platforms also seek out the need for graphic designers online. And it is not news anymore that many youth with this skills rake out thousands of dollars daily from getting this gig.

The steps for getting started with freelance graphic design are fairly similar to freelance writing. You can search on Upwork, Fiverr for gigs. Alternatively, you can ask around campus to see if anyone needs design help. Making business cards and logos for people can be an especially fruitful place to start.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the ways to start making huge dollars even as side hustle. Although blogging is a tedious activity or situation which is capable of fetching fortune for you, it can also be engaged in as another means by which one can diversify. Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online. Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses.

Some of the ways through which money can drive in in blogging business are Sponsored blog posts, Sponsored Social media, Social Media Creator Funds, Affiliate links, Ads, Paid press trips, etc.

4. Tutoring/Teaching a Foreign Language

Different countries where English is not an official language are constantly in need for teachers who can teach the language efficiently both online and offline. Thus, the opportunity to make an extra thousand dollars becomes feasible. Though English is a world language and so makes anyone who teach a hot cake, yet there other fine languages which provide their speakers and teacher the opportunities to excel and earn huge dollars too!

5. Proofreading

Proofreading is a great opportunity for anyone with a good eye for grammar. You can make around $20 per hour as a proofreader for different project work and all. Although finding your first gig as a proofreader can be a challenge, a course like Proofread Anywhere will guide you through the process.

6. Web Development/ Website designing

The skills you need to build beautiful, functional websites for just about anyone is very profitable because having a website is a must these days, yet so many businesses and individuals still don’t have one. This is a great opportunity for anyone with web development skills to make some serious money.

Some web developers charge $1,000 for a basic website even as a freelancer. So whether you want to make some extra money on the side or enter an in-demand, well-paying field, web development is worth learning.

7. Resume writer

A good resume can help someone land the job they need. Whether someone is a new graduate or a seasoned expert, most need help crafting the perfect resume. With that, you can help them create a resume that helps them land the job. You could earn hundreds of dollars per resume!

8. Audio Transcription

Voice recognition technology is getting better every day, but it still isn’t great at transcribing real human speech. For this reason, there’s a demand for skilled audio transcriptionists.

With this skill, you can work for an audio transcription company. This way, you don’t have to find clients.

Audio transcription’s pay starts from $0.36 per minute of audio, which means you need to transcribe around 50 hours of audio per month (12.5 per week) to hit the $1,000 mark. Plus, you can do this job from the comfort of your home, making it great for fitting around your busy schedule.

9. Online Trading/Retailing

This is another item on the list of steps to take in order to know how to make extra thousand dollars a month. Selling as an entrepreneur or as a middle-man is one sure way to make real cool dollars. There are online platforms that have tapped immensely from this idea of online trading. Examples are e-Bay, Amazon, etc. And without wasting time on it, people who make use of this chance, effectively rake in dollars daily.

10. Investments

The copious investments available around both the internet and life generally are worth grabbing if at all you have the strong intentions of making extra foreign currencies, especially dollars. These investments can be found in banks, government programs, online platforms and many more. Investing is a way on how to make extra thousand dollars a month.

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