Biblical Meaning of Mountains in Dreams

Knowing exactly the biblical meaning of mountains in dreams may be as confusing as trying to figure out what the essence or nature of mountain is in the first place. A mountain is an elevated portion of the Earth’s crust, generally with steep sides that show significant exposed bedrock. Others could also define it as a natural elevation of the earth surface rising more or less abruptly from the surrounding level and attaining an altitude which, relatively to the adjacent elevation, is impressive or notable.

Given this understanding, it is easy to then pick out the message behind seeing a mountain or mountains in the dream when one sleeps. Since it is an elevated ground, and for the fact that there are spiritual usefulness and roles of mountains as recorded in the Bible, you should simply infer that the biblical meaning of mountains in dreams is not after all far-fetched.

Biblical Meaning of Mountains in Dreams

As parts of the works of God and one of the wonders of the world at least in all the history of mankind, the mountains share their significance even in the spiritual and psychological segments of our lives. However, the facts will be highlighted below for you to get a grasp of this biblical meaning of mountains in dreams.


Number one biblical meaning of mountains in dreams is the fact that it is a sign of obstruction just like we have said about Zerubbabel in the book of Zechariah that mountains shall become plain. There, it is suggested that mountains are like encumbrances on the way of the people.

So seeing mountains in dreams might mean that you need to double up on your praying sessions in order to avert every plan of hindrance on your way to success.


In most cases, a dream about climbing a mountain is God’s way of showing the dreamer the current stage of their progress in life towards their destiny. Dreams about climbing a mountain can also point to the current situation in a person’s job/workplace or their relationship with other people. It is not advisable to treat such dreams lightly.
In some other instances, dreams about climbing a mountain is simply God showing you that your current job; that relationship or that project you are currently embarking on is not going to be easy. It’s already filled with challenges and will continually be challenging. You have to brace up for it.

Spiritual or Physical Challenges

I believe everyone has their mountains which they are facing in life. In every season of our life, we may be faced with challenges and sometimes these challenges are necessary for our promotion to the next level in life.
Basically, when a person sees a dream about climbing a mountain, it speaks of challenges in the path of whatever they are currently engaged in or working on. From a spiritual standpoint, mountains are spiritual challenges. Life on earth is not perfect and everyone always has a thing or two they are going through. Besides, it’s even tougher for Christians.

Strength to Overcome

Seeing mountains in your dream itself is a call for the paramount need for strength because of the work you will have before you. When you dream of climbing a mountain, this shows that you are going through great difficulties in your life THAT YOU WILL NO DOUBT OVERCOME. When you climb a hill, it shows that you will be able to overcome these difficulties, until you finally overcome them. When you dream of soaring mountains, you have to understand countless challenges. It would help if you faced with courage, and everything will be fine.


When you dream of falling from a mountain, this can give you a feeling of fear. This dream is a warning for you to be patient in achieving what you want. It comes as advice to make you try to understand that everything has a moment. You will do your best to achieve it, but be patient, and the results will come. Also, don’t give too many opinions to other people because it can affect you.


When you dream of being on a mountaintop, this indicates that you are in personal development. Free yourself from concepts that don’t suit people who are evolving like you are now. This dream represents the freedom to know how to choose the right.

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