Quick Guide to Customizing Your Golf Cart

Quick Guide to Customizing Your Golf Cart – Do you own a golf cart that you depend on regularly to help you enjoy the sport to its fullest? Golf carts can make traversing the course a whole lot easier and less tiring – as long as it’s not a walk-only course. You may even be able to drive it in your community or subdivision depending on the local laws. But just like your vehicle, golf carts often come with standard features. So why not look into ways you can customize it and make it work better for your needs and wants?

Here’s a quick guide to customizing your golf cart breaking down the essential steps to take and items to install.

Upgrade Your Tires – Ensure a Smooth and Even Ride

One of the easiest ways to customize your golf cart is to install replacement tires of a higher quality. This will not only improve grip over an array of surfaces, but it can make for a smoother more comfortable ride, and look pretty sleek. All-terrain tires can be a little pricier, but they are made to handle the course, streets, and trails so they may be better suited to what you need.

When purchasing tires, you need to be aware of the size needed and the tire height. You may also need a new lift kit depending on the cart height. Lift kits don’t only increase the ride height, but they give better stability and a smoother ride. It’s ideal for those who travel different types of terrain regularly.

Need Extra Seating – Install a Rear Seating Kit

Perhaps you originally purchased a two-seater golf cart thinking that would be more than enough room for your needs. Circumstances can change with time, and if you find yourself needing more seating then there are steps you can take. Customize your cart by adding a rear seat kit, giving you space for two additional passengers. You’ll find all different rear seating kits that range in size, quality, type of seating material, color, and so forth.

One tip when looking for these rear seat kits is to purchase one with a grab bar. This will make getting in and out of the seat safer and easier, as well as the ride.

Improve the Storage and Make the Cart More Functional

Another highly effective way to customize your kit is to add storage solutions that make the cart more functional and organized. A storage rack for the roof is very easy to install and gives quite a bit of room. Other options can be front baskets, underseat storage and organizers, a golf bag holder, and more.

Make the Cart More Comfortable with an Arm Rest

Adding an armrest to the rear seat gives passengers a whole new level of comfort. But rather than a standard armrest, look for one with built-in cup holders that make it perfect for stowing beverages and ensure they won’t topple over and spill. No matter what color or type of material your seats are, you’ll be able to find an armrest that looks great.

A Heater Can Extend the Golf Cart’s Season

If you find your cart especially cold when hitting the golf course during early spring and late fall, but still want to be able to use it, then it can make sense to install a heater. There are different styles to choose from, and you can even find cart seat heaters for the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Again, this is a quick and easy customization you can tackle on your own.

Ensure Your Golf Cart Meets Your Needs

Each of these customizations will help you tweak your golf cart so it meets your needs. It will be more comfortable and functional than ever before.

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