NYSC Relocation and Redeployment

Difference Between NYSC Relocation and Redeployment

There’s no difference between NYSC relocation and redeployment. In  NYSC, redeployment mean relocation and relocation mean redeployment respectively.  NYSC redeployment or relocation is a process of reposting a corps member to another state different from initial deployed state based on health, marital or security ground.

To do NYSC redeployment or relocation, you will be required to pay the sum of ₦1000 (One thousand Naira only), but other small charges coming from the gateway payment you used may apply.

In language terms, the difference between relocation and redeployment is that relocation is the change of place of service while redeployment is to deploy again from one place to another after deployment.

The duration of NYSC relocation and redeployment application will depend on the reason for redeployment. But generally, NYSC relocation usually takes two weeks.

If it is on health grounds, it takes 14 days, but if the health issue is a very serious one, then within two days your application should be granted. OF course, you must provide documentation for all your claims.

Also, if your application is on security grounds, which is also a very good reason, you will be approved only after orientation camp. And if it is after camp you applied, then you will wait 14 days to be approved.

And if it is on marital grounds where you claim to be pregnant or a nursing mother, it is usually an instant approval.

But if you applied while in camp, you will have to wait till after orientation. And if it is after camp you applied then it will follow the general duration of two weeks.

Don’t think just because you are pregnant or nursing an infant NYSC will just approve your application, you will need to produce a marriage certificate. In short, it is for married couples.

Required Documents for Married Woman NYSC Relocation and Redeployment

You need five supporting documents for married women’s relocation to be approved by NYSC.

  1. Marriage Certificate (Court Affidavit). Court Certificate of Marriage, Mosque, or Church Marriage Certificate (are equally acceptable)
  2. Newspaper for Publication of Change of Name
  3. Husband Local Government Identification
  4. Husband’s ID Card e.g. National ID Card (temporary one acceptable), Voter’s Card, Driving License, etc.
  5. House Utility Bill (Power Bill, Water Bill, etc) or Letter from Husband Employer

How To Check NYSC Relocation Approval

  • Visit the NYSC portal
  • Log into your dashboard with your E-mail address and Password
  • Scroll down till you see the relocation icon
  • Click on “Relocation”
  • Your relocation application status should be showing now
  • You will see “Pending” if you have not been relocated.
  • But if you are relocated, you will see “Congratulation!!! Your application has been approved”
  • Until you pay the sum of 1,000.00 Naira for Relocation letter printing, you cannot see the State where NYSC relocated you.

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