Positive Impact of Good Behavior in Business

Employee behavior in the workplace is a vital factor that determines your entire work experience at a company. A positive impact of good behavior in business employees leads to higher productivity and performance by the team and the individual. People who behave more professionally and efficiently at work often eventually become irreplaceable employees.

In this article, we learn what behavior means in business, why it’s so important, what affects employee behavior, and eight behaviors to help you become a successful employee at work.

Behavior in the workplace is how a person behaves at their work and with their colleagues. It’s more formal and is at different levels depending on the profession.

People tend to be more careful at work and among colleagues than they are outside and with friends, as certain actions may be perceived as inappropriate.

Behavior in the workplace encompasses how a person communicates at the workplace with their colleagues. Both verbal and non-verbal communication portrays how you feel about your work and team. As a good attitude can lead to positivity in the workplace, a productive team, and better performance, organizations need to focus more on employee behavior.

Factors That Cause Positive Behavior


Managers and supervisors play a huge role in employee workplace behavior in their teams. Most times when employees aren’t happy going to work is when they have challenging employers. As a leader, you need to provide direction to your team and always support them. Guide them through their tasks and help them gain knowledge and upgrade their skills. Having a leader who is inspiring motivates your employees to do their best as well.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Ensure that your employees are performing duties that are best suited for their skill set. Try not to overburden them, but encourage them to learn more skills and upgrade themselves in the workplace. Encouraging them to learn new skills shows employees that you care about their professional growth and might make them want to stay longer with the company.


Managers and employees need to have good communication established. If the team is left out of company decisions, they may slowly lose interest in their work. Involve your team in discussions and encourage them to express their ideas and views on issues. If they have any problems or grievances, as a supervisor, you need to address them immediately to maintain a good work environment.

Work Culture

The biggest factor that affects workplace behavior is the culture of work. Employees need to feel happy and comfortable at their workplace to stay productive. Rules and regulations about workplace behavior have to be consistent among employees and management. Such transparency encourages employees to respect their managers. Job security is another crucial aspect that affects employee behavior at the workplace. Support your team during a crisis and they may be motivated to support you too.

Personal Life

People who have strained relationships in their personal life tend to appear disconnected at work. If home life is not the best, employees tend to stay at work late and this can affect the workplace negatively. As conflicts in personal life lead to added stress, practice trying to separate your personal problems from your work. This may seem challenging, but a conscious effort and regular practice make it possible to do so.

Workplace Relationships

Building workplace relationships is an essential part of having a positive attitude at work. Consider coordinating team-building activities for your colleagues to help them connect. Team lunches, Friday trivia, ice breaker questions, and holiday parties are just a few ideas you can implement.

Positive Impact of Good Behavior in Business

Without doubt, good work behavior from employees promotes collaboration among colleagues and elevates company status. Below are some of the positive impact of good behavior in business:


When employees are joyful about coming to work and collaborating with teammates, the morale in the workplace is high. But unresolved tension and conflict among teammates can make the environment feel unwelcoming, which only depletes morale. Low morale increases absenteeism and increases company turnover, which can be very expensive for an organization.


When employees behave appropriately and positively at work, productivity may increase. Behavior, such as helping a teammate complete their task on time or striving to find agreement between teammates with varying opinions, helps projects get done on time, resulting in happy clients. A team that works well together can exceed expectations in achieving all goals.

Employee retention

When it comes to company recruitment and employee retention, the workplace atmosphere serves an important role. If potential candidates find the organization has inappropriate workplace behavior, they may look at different organizations and hiring top-level candidates becomes challenging. Good workplace behavior keeps the employees happy and increases productivity, which makes the organization a more attractive option for potential candidates.

Company reputation

In the age of the internet, people have become very aware of a company’s reputation in the market. If a company has a reputation for unprofessional employee behavior, it may hurt the company’s public image. Similarly, if the company has employees who are professional and efficient at what they do, this reputation could potentially bring in more customers and help retain employees. Employees who are good to each other often behave the same way with customers as well.

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