20 Successful Prayers for New Month for Family and Friends.

20 successful prayers for new month for family and friends that must be taken seriously are outlined in this article for you to really use and even share with everyone around you. There is the culture that makes every man and woman celebrates the newest week, newest months in town. It is borne of the belief that every new day, new week, and new month comes with new challenges and trials that must be prayed against if at all one aims to be successful and victorious over them

The celebrations of new months are like festivals to some people. This is because of their cultural, religious, political, and of course spiritual beliefs. Thus, new months are seen as important and necessarily in need of prayers. Even the Bible records a place where Christ makes a statement which now has become the Christian injunction about ‘praying against the evil of each day’.

This biblical confirmation then informs the need for you to come to knowledge of some of the 20 successful prayers for new month for family and friends; it will at least help you see whether you can make good use of each prayer as they will no doubt be very spiritually impactful in your life if you comply…

20 Successful Prayers for New Month for Family and Friends.

Below are some of the 20 successful prayers for new month for family and friends. Check them out and pick the one that can both enrich and light up your days for the rest of the month. You can even share some of them with family and friends:

1. Prayer for New Heights

In the new month I shall be above only, the Lord shall be the anchor to my new heights of success and prosperity in Jesus name. Amen.

2. Prayer for Divine Blessing

I decree that His divine blessing is upon me and lines are falling in pleasant places for me and my family shall experience the touch of the Almighty in this new month. Amen.

3. Prayer for Prosperity

I declare, in the new month, an abundance of blessing on everything I lay my hands and I shall prosper inside out in every place of dwelling in Jesus name. Amen.

4. Prayer for Beauty of Love

Last month was full of beauty on every side, just like the one before the just concluded month and it’s all beautiful because you were by my side all the way, dearie. I’m so sure in my heart that this new month will be far better than the previous ones. Have a wonderful month my love. God bless you!

5. Prayer for Unstoppable Blessing

Beginning from this month, I am unstoppable in every area of my life and in all that concerns my loved ones we shall prosper like never before. Amen.

6. Prayer for Success

In the new month, I recognize my place in His agenda as an oracle of God and I move swiftly to a higher level of success like never before in Jesus name. A happy new month to me.

7. Prayer for Consistency

Truth is each month is another time of unique blessing to me. It’s because it grants me a chance to love and treasure you better than before. Whatever this month offers me and you, through thick and thin, we will stick together in unity and deep affection. I love you my angel and wish you a happy new month. God bless your beautiful heart.

8. Prayer for Achievement

Whatever you plan to achieve this month whether your set goals or purpose, the Lord will grant you help and wisdom to achieve them in a grand style. You will succeed in all ramifications. Baby, you have my word, I’ll be right there by your side cheering you on with every positive vibe. Happy new month, sweetheart.

9. Prayer for Grace of Christ

I decree that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, His divine providence, His supernatural manifestations, and His goodness shall be your portion this new month. In Jesus name. Happy new month

10. Prayer for Thanksgiving

In this month you and I will look back and realize the goodness of God in our lives and our mouth will be filled with praises unto our God. Have a beautiful one, my angel.

11. Prayer for Prosperity and Consistency in Love

We will prosper this new month as we have always prospered in every other month together. Nothing will be able to come between us no matter what. For we are made to share life’s joy and all together. I love you to the moon and back dear. Here’s wishing you a month full of happiness and joy.

12. Prayer for Persistence

Never give up, stand your ground, go for your set goals this month and always because you can achieve all and God shall supply all grace that’s needed. Amen. I believe in you, darling. Happy new month to you.

13. Prayer for Speedy Breakthrough

It’s a new month honey pie. A month where you’ll do outstanding things beyond your wildest dreams. A month where you’ll achieve all your goal and aspirations. A month of divine acceleration and breakthrough. Babe, I can’t wait to celebrate all these things with you. Have a glorious month. God bless you.

14. Prayer for Good Wishes

Seeing you by my side in a new month is awesome and encouraging. I’m so glad we made it, darling. Go and prosper because lines are falling for you in pleasant places, sweetheart. Have a splendid month.

15. Prayer for Positive Expectations

May all the desires of your heart, those things you’ve been asking from the Lord receive speedy answers now in Jesus name. May you be blessed now and always. Happy new month to my love and my joy.

16. Payers for Help

The Lord will answer you in times of unfavorable condition. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will perfect everything concerning you. He will send you help from Zion and great shall be your rejoicing be in this new month and beyond. Happy new month, darling.

17. Confessional Prayer for Long Lasting Love

I find myself loving you more as the day comes by with every joy in my heart because you are mine and I am yours. May we keep waxing strong in the love of the Father. May our love for each other go deeper and deeper every day. I love you honey pie. Do have a marvelous month ahead.

18. Prayer for Unstoppable Blessing

As you begin the new month, prosperity and overflow of blessings shall be your lot in all your going out and coming in. Amen. Happy new month, Darling.

19. Prayer for Strength

I know you are decked with unusual grace to overcome every single challenge that comes your way in the new month just as you have always triumph gallantly in the past. My love, I promise to be right there by your side cheering you up with every vibe in me. Sweetheart, have a beautiful month ahead.

20. Prayer for Stronger Commitment in Love

In this new month as always, you have my shoulder to lean on, you have my heart to capture every amazing moment like never before. I promise to listen keenly without an iota of distraction, dear, you have my total attention. We are on a lifetime journey of sharing joys, love, happiness and even all your challenges together. Have a beautiful month, my darling.


Those are some of the 20 successful prayers for new month for family and friends which you can say both to your family members and friends at exactly the first day of any new month in a year. Each of the prayers speak of how much you care about them and how much you desire success for them.

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