How To Promote Your Music Online In Ghana

It is undoubtable that the Ghanaian music industry is gradually producing vibrant, talented, and internationally recognized music artists. In the musical landscape of Africa, Ghana has secured a plot for its outstanding music be it Highlife or Afrobeats.

Recently the Ghanian Musician have started implementing the online world and establishing an effective digital presence in Ghana. Establishing digital presence is an essential aspect of navigating today’s music industry.

If  you’re a solo artist or emerging band in Ghana, then you’ll need to engage with the internet and all the opportunities it creates to help you grow your fanbase.

It’s important to consider how to promote your music online in Ghana and one of the best ways to do this is by coming up with a  strategy or content for your channels.

How To Promote Your Music Online In Ghana

Independent musicians looking to develop a music marketing plan can follow these helpful tips.

1. Host your music on streaming platforms

There are plenty of music hosting sites for musicians and bands to promote your music online in Ghana, but choosing the right one can be challenging.

Some focus merely on selling tracks, while others help musicians gain a following and build a community.

Sign up for artist accounts on all major music streaming platforms and upload your produced tracks to give the public a hub to listen to your work. You can also track the popularity of your tracks on these outlets. Here’s the list of the best music hosting sites to promote your music online in Ghana; some Streaming Platforms are:

  1. Vimeo
  2. Tidal
  3. Apple Music
  4. YouTube
  5. Spotify
  6. NoiseTrade
  7. Audiomack
  8. Bandzoogle
  9. Bandcamp
  10. SoundCloud

2. Develop an online presence

Another idea to promote your music online in Ghana is to develop an online presence on all the major social media platforms to engage with your target audience. Create videos on short-form music-driven apps that creatively incorporate clips of your songs.

In the new music business, it’s absolutely essential to build an online fanbase. We’ve seen plenty of artists break through almost entirely due to TikTok and other online platforms. The message is clear– Investing in an online following can lead to real life changes with enough time and effort.

3. Sell your music online

You’ve created a great album and are getting some fans, and now want to move to online selling. Use a service such as Song Cast or Bandcamp to present your work to your fans, and allow them to choose how the music is delivered. Both services put the control with the artist.

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4. Create an electronic press kit

An electronic press kit (EPK) is a pre-packaged digital resume full of promotional materials that you can send to music industry influencers. It provides record labels, agents, producers, venue bookers, and the media with everything they need to know about you as an artist. Your EPK should include an artist bio, photos, videos, press releases, contact information, and any upcoming gigs.

5. Create a website

Develop an artist or band website to give music fans a place to discover your catalog. Include tour dates, an artist bio, a discography, a merch shop, links to your social channels and email list, new releases, a link to your EPK (electronic press kit), and links to where fans can listen to your new music.

6. Shoot a music video

Releasing a captivating music video is one of the best ways to promote your music online. Strive to be creative with your video concept and think about a hook that could make it shareable, such as theming it around a recent viral meme trend or filming it in a single complex take. If you have limited resources, simply shoot a live performance and uniquely edit the video. Share clips from your music videos on your social channels, and host them on your website.

7. Get social

Social media is essential for growing a fan base. What other service allows you to share your story, images, and thoughts with more than a billion other people – and do it for free? Pick the right social media sites for your style and be sure you offer unique content for each channel. Don’t “phone it in” by duplicating images from the road on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook or reposting from six months ago. Fans want dynamic real-life comments and imagery. Focus a lot of your efforts on Instagram, as that channel is exceedingly popular with musicians who have established massive followings.

8. Use email marketing

An email list is an essential music promotion tool that allows you to market new work as you make it. Include an easily visible sign-up form on your website to build up your marketing list. Hand out flyers and display in-person sign-up sheets at your live shows. Offer your subscribers exclusive perks like merch discount codes or pre-sale access to concerts to incentivize sign-ups. Once you build a solid list of subscribers, use email marketing to promote new releases, announce tour dates, and give general updates on your music.

9. Pitch yourself to music blogs

Getting covered on influential music blogs can jumpstart your music career and grow your fan base. You’ll often find more success with niche blogs tailored to your music genre. When you’re writing messages to music bloggers, provide them with a brief description of your sound, your EPK, and links to your most successful tracks.

10. Connect with fans through live shows

Perform live, in-person shows to develop a fan base and engage with listeners. When you’re first starting out, chances are you’ll have to play in small venues like local coffee shops and bars. Once your fan base grows large enough, use your email list and social media channels to determine which cities to tour.

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