Why Selling Bread on Campus in Nigeria is Profitable.

The bread business is one of the most lucrative careers that set one graciously on the path of great success and wealth. It is exactly why anyone should have interest in knowing why selling bread on campus in Nigeria is profitable. However, no one goes into this very magnanimous business without first having an understanding of the bakery business.

Most definitely, the bakery industry is a huge market across the world. Food is life after all and in a country with over 140 million people, food is a great expression of our life and culture. Through bakery a lot of delicacies can be made. Among one of these examples is bread. How profitable is Bakery business is an exciting topic to explore when you count the amount of bread Nigerians consume daily. Some people say that selling bread on campus in Nigeria is equal to printing money in your house.

Without question therefore, bread is a highly nutritious food eaten in one form or another by nearly every person on this planet. It is a good source of vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates.

It is good to look into why selling bread on campus in Nigeria is profitable. But before then, you will learn how to start your own bakery business.

Why Selling Bread on Campus in Nigeria is Profitable.

These are some of the reasons why selling bread on campus in Nigeria is profitable and why you must as a student with a little capital should maximize this opportunity and place yourself on a smooth career early in life:

  • Bread is the Most Widely Consumed

Bread is the third most popular food staple in most parts of the world. It is widely consumed across the continents by almost all citizens, ethnics and religions groups. Everyone likes the smell and taste of bread, especially when it is freshly baked. It is one of the quickest and cheapest food to get your hands on in time of hunger. With these in mind, we can safely conclude that starting a bread bakery business anywhere in the world is going to be a viable business.

  • Bread can be Eaten with other Food

Bread is a necessary part of human diets for over one hundred years in all parts of the world. Because of this important truth and over a century history of bread in our daily food, it has a huge market with purchasing power who eat bread with local foods such as pap, bean cakes, porridge beans, butter, etc.

  • Setting up Bread Business is not Expensive

Bread bakery is not much difficult to setup once you have the financial capacity and able to meet the requirements and regulation by the authority. It cost about N80.00 ($0.50) to produce standard sliced bread in Nigeria. The bakers sells at N130 to suppliers and make N50 per bread. The suppliers sells to retailers at the cost of N170 and make N50 gain per loaf of bread they supply while the retailers sells between N200 to N220 to the final consumers. So, N50 is the average gain made by each of the parties involved at every stage from production to the final supply. A typical standard bakery with good supply network produce and sell 50,000 loaves of sliced bread weekly on average. Now multiply 50 by 50,000 and what you get is the profit for the weekly production and supply.

The Following are the Equipment to be used for the Business:

  1. Baking Oven
  2. Flour Mixer
  3. Baking Pans
  4. Supply Truck
  5. Slicing Machine


It is also good to be said that, after making enough money as profitable as it is, you get a NAFDAC endorsement for the continuing sale of your bakery product in order for you to remain undisturbed and relevant.

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