How to Ship Items from Thailand to Lebanon

Learning how to ship items from Thailand to Lebanon is one step away from reaching world and engaging in that international trade or business. Many business persons across the world are thirsty; they want to know what procedures to follow or what steps are available for anyone who’s with plans to move products or commodities from the shores of Thailand to the port of Lebanon.

If you live or spending your vacation in Thailand, there’s a good chance you may have to send something back home. Whether it’s a personal letter, business package, or a purchase from an incredible shopping experience, you’ll want to know where you can get the cheapest international shipping rates from the most reliable international shipper.

This shipping guide details each step in sending items from Thailand to anywhere abroad. You’ll learn how to prepare your package, assemble and fill out the correct documents, and select the best shipper. You’ll also learn about shipping policies officials use when sending your shipment outside of Thailand.

How to Ship Items from Thailand to Lebanon

This may sound somewhat hard and impossible, of course, when you are without knowledge about it! However, let us assure you of the following practicable guidelines and solutions as veritably useful if you will go through them carefully enough to master the tricks of how to ship items from Thailand to Lebanon.

Decide What Category of Shipping

If you are looking to ship large amount of goods, or perhaps moving the entire contents of a home, then you’ll need to look at freight forwarding and container shipping.

Container shipping involves shipping goods via a freight container usually aboard a freighter ship. Container shipping is best suited for individuals who are looking to ship a significant quantity of goods or individuals looking to ship a vehicle, motorcycle, building materials, or other large items. When choosing container shipping, you have two major options:

  • LCL = Less than Container Load
  • FCL = Full Container Load

The total price for shipping with a container depends on how much of the container you fill. Most shipping companies offer half containers at 20 feet long, or LCL, and full containers at 40 feet long, or FCL. Prices vary by shipper.

A freight forwarder is a firm that acts as an intermediary between you (the customer) and a commercial freight shipping company. A freight forwarder will offer a full range of services, consisting of sourcing a freight shipper, negotiating shipping prices, preparing the correct documents, tracking the shipment, storing the shipment, and helping with inland transportation.

When it comes to shipping times, it’s best to contact a freight forwarder to see what option is best for you.

Prepare Your Package

When preparing a package for international shipping such as this, take extensive care while packaging items. It is one of the most important steps in how to ship items from Thailand to Lebanon. FedEx recommends this packing process. Shipping services worldwide subject packages to a wide array of abuse, and this is especially true for international shipping from Thailand. Marking your package fragile does little if anything in preventing rough handling.

One consideration is water damage, an issue that is often not accounted for until it is too late. A good practice is to wrap any items inside a plastic bag before packaging. This helps your item stays dry.

Finally, shipping containers can get hot. Be aware of this when shipping items sensitive to high temperatures. Expect your items to reach temperatures of at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get a Tangible Paperwork

When you ship your items from Thailand, you’ll have to fill out a Customs Declaration form. Some shippers may help you fill out the form. Without this form filled you won’t be able to ship your package out of Thailand. Be sure to fill out the sender’s and receiver’s address, the item you’re shipping, the quantity, and the value.

Use the Thailand Post

Thailand Post is the main method of delivery for most people in Thailand. They have branches in most subdistricts in the kingdom. So finding a branch shouldn’t be a hassle. But the question of Thailand Post’s reliability is often a topic of debate. I’ve never had any challenges using Thai Post, but many users have claimed they’ve had packages stolen, lost, delayed, or damaged.

These claims may drive customers away from using their services, especially if they’re shipping valuable or fragile items. Take such complaints lightly, as everyone will have different experiences. I also recommend new customers look at their shipping options and rules on the official Thai Post website.

Thailand Post offers three major services for international shipping: Registered, EMS, and LogisPost World. Registered is the cheapest, yet slowest, service and has limited tracking. EMS World is similar to express shipping from other providers. And LogisPost is for packages between 20kg and 200kg.

Thailand Post offers insured shipping with tracking but it doesn’t cover much. And it’s hard to make a claim unless you purchase additional insurance.

Types of Post Companies that Can Help You With Express Deliveries


DHL has 10 offices located across the Bangkok. DHL offers global express shipping. But drawbacks include a lack of offices outside Bangkok and expensive express shipping. And if a package is heading to a region that lacks a DHL office, another service is used to deliver the package to the final destination, negating DHL’s tracking service. DHL Guidelines can be found here.

When shipping packages internationally, DHL offers two options: Express and Express Worldwide. The only difference between the two methods is a few hours time. So unless what you’re shipping isn’t urgent, you can opt for Express shipping. They also offer tracking on up to 50 packages at a time. If you aren’t shipping bulk, then tracking your package won’t be a problem.

DHL offers insured shipping as well. DHLY will provide you with insurance, or they will refer you to a third-party insurer for bulk shipments.


FedEx offices are located in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Nakhon Ratchasima. They are usually reliable, quick, and have many shipping options.

FedEx offers ground, air, and sea shipping. They also have Customs Critical shipping, which puts packages on a fast track through customs. Temperature controlled shipping is also available with the Customs Critical shipping option. Tracking is available on all packages sent through FedEx.

FedEx offers insurance as an add on. If you’re interested in insuring a package through FedEx, check out their list of insurance options or refine your search in the upper right box. For shipping restrictions, check out the FedEx Thailand export restrictions.


UPS has offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Nakhon Ratchasima. Like, FedEx, they are a popular pick for people who want to send their packages overseas.

UPS offers the same shipping services as other providers. But what separates UPS from other shippers is their Volume Shipping option. If you export products out of Thailand regularly, and depending on the size of your shipments, you can select wither low- or high-volume shipping. In this case, your shipments would be automated and move through the shipping process quicker.

For a list of insurance options when shipping through UPS, check out the insurance options they offer.

Follow Custom Agreement

Another very understandable procedure to follow in how to ship items from Thailand to Lebanon is following the custom agreement. This will ensure safe delivery of your shipment.

Often packages shipped from Thailand take longer to arrive at their destination as a result of customs holding packages. Thailand is a major source country for a variety of drugs, contraband, and counterfeit items, and as such, many countries hold packages arriving from Thailand for longer that usual times. These packages are more diligently search for banned items as well. For instance, packages arriving at the USA from Germany will make it through customs faster than items arriving at the USA from Thailand.

To avoid any additional customs delays, be sure to include the following info on all international packages leaving Thailand:

  • weight
  • country of origin
  • shipper’s name and address
  • description of item in English
  • quantity of each item in package
  • purchase price in currency of package’s destination

These items are banned from being exported from Thailand:

  • narcotics
  • fake royal or official seals
  • counterfeit trademark goods
  • fake currency, bonds, or coins
  • goods with an improper Thai flag design
  • obscene literature and pornographic materials
  • IPR infringing goods e.g. musical tape, CD, VDO, computer software, etc.

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