7 Smart Things You Can do With Salt.

Smart things you can do with salt is an evidence that Salt has many unexpected uses, ranging from killing weeds to removing perspiration stains from garments to extending the shelf life of your new natural bristle broom.

In  home cooking after any additional flavoring, salt still comes in handy in the kitchen. A container of salt is always kept near every other flavoring.

Salt is not specially  made for cooking alone, there are so many smart things you can do with salt that doesn’t necessarily have to do with cooking!

Smart Things You Can do With Salt.

Here’s the 7 brilliant, surprising and smart things you can do with salt seasoning:

1. Coffee and Tea Stains Removal.

Can’t seem to get your mugs completely clean no matter how hard you try? Salt will do the trick here, too. Put some salt on a damp cloth and rub it on the stains. In no time your mugs will be spotless!

2. Absorbing Stains Removal.

Salt works on all kinds of stains. It’s especially good at picking up and absorbing stains. Spill something on the rug? Quickly sprinkle some salt on the stain. This will help make the stains easier to get out.

3. Rust Stains Removal.

Mix salt with lemon juice or vinegar to get rid of rust stains in a jiffy. First make sure the stain is completely dry. Using a lemon? Squeeze it over the stain and then cover the lemon juice with a layer of salt.

Let it sit for half an hour and then clean it up with a cloth or sponge. Rinse it off if needed. Using vinegar? First mix the salt with a spoonful or more of vinegar and spread this mixture on the rust stain.

Let it sit and after a while brush it away with an old toothbrush. The same thing goes for this method, you can rinse it off afterwards for an extra clean result.

4. Sweat Stains Removal.

It happens to all of us, but it’s still not fun: sweat stains in your clothes. Thankfully, we can make them disappear like snow in the sun with a bit of salt and warm water.

Mix four tablespoons of salt with a liter of warm water and soak the garment in it. Attention: this remedy doesn’t work for all clothing. Fragile fabrics like satin can’t be placed in salt

5. Clogged Drains.

Having troubles with clogged drains? You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive drain cleaner. Just a bit of salt is enough. Put salt in the drains and rinse it thoroughly with warm water for two minutes. Good as new!

6. Solution to Fleas.

If your dogs have fleas, simply wash their doghouse and blankets in salt water.

If you’re worried your dogs may have brought fleas into your house, simply sprinkle your carpets lightly with salt and then brush it in. Leave it for 12 hours and vacuum thoroughly.

7. Clean Brown Spots off your Iron.

Simply sprinkle salt on a sheet of waxed paper, slide the iron across it and rub lightly with silver polish. Your iron will look like brand-new in no time.

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