Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other: Both Are Equal Ends Of The Scale

While nurturing the genders, how do you curse the one and bless the other when their destiny is to live together – ever after?

Bless The Other

Source: Moments With The Book

The idea of blessing one to curse the other is cruelly wrong and cannot see the truth in preserving equal rights of existence of both ends.

The boy and the girl are no doubt equal ends of a significant scale and if at all there must be disparity, it should be left to their natural physical appearances, not their perceptions of each other.

The question is, who brought what pain and how does it find its way to cause the disturbing jam of today?

Pain of the past only echoes loudly in the minds of those who donate every inch of their time, loving the imaginative reenactments of its struggle between bias and pure misjudgement.

The past is truly gone and we should endeavour to leave it where it deserves. Though it may sound right and advisable that it should be exploited for lessons to help us confront and manage both the present challenges and the future respectively, yet the foggy motive or the hungry bias of the historian will simply mislead us and keep us closed in its Freedom Cage for a long time.

The best we can do is to save ourselves!

When a damaged wall clock can be right twice in a day, do those evidences of its reality overrule the fact about its condition? No. It is still a damaged clock.

That is why it suffices to say, stories of the so-called griots, whether of western or African origin as long as it touches matters of male and female, are already tainted with colours of sentiments — because pity is what they seek to get and “that is what the reader or audience should give it!”

But is that what you really need to give it?

Life has changed, the world has. Thanks to the men and women who, in the realities of history, were able to face the brutality of their time — head on — and were able to conquer and silence it. We don’t need any more story or stories to tell us the transpiration of affairs. We already have the evidences of their virtues showing us all the proofs while telling us all the story we need to hear!

Mountain out of molehill and the victim game

With those minds that find strengths in rather remaining obsequious to self-created pains and mind games, the stories will never be straight. And, they will always seek to confront the present with them and hope to tether her to them.

The truth is in the many warped feminist stories where, with twists and turns, men are acutely graffitied as monsters and damaged beasts that deserve no repair except a total subjection to nonimpartial rules of feminine lusts. Indeed, the sole aim is to control the present and make it act out what they indeed desire to see.

By making mountain out of molehills, as the most workable or practical gimmick, the world is drawn to pity and goaded so!

Thus, the victim game begins.

Many organisations, powerful authorities, and maybe individuals have since then been painting too much victim of the girl-child — so much that the boy-child is now lost in a world where he is less cared for, less trained, less given attention, less taught, less fed, less clothed, but much imprisoned, much tied down, much blamed, and much taught to see the bestiality that he is not!

Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other

Both children are symbols of love. Photo Credit: Pixabay.

Symbols of love

The world has so listened to ‘victim’ stories of the slanted griot that they forget that shenanigans have no, specifically, identity source. It can evolve from anywhere or anyone.

History is a palate of time. It has spent its era and gone. The owners of the period did what they could and we see the evidence now. Why should we hence burden the characters and dynamics of today with the old and tainted stories of the past even at the expense of the growing children who need our impartial care and attention?

Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other

Source: Pixabay

Whether boy-child or girl-child, they are symbols of love. Creatures of love. None is to be taught against the other. None is to feel threatened by the existence of the other. Our duty is to train them to see the inherent humanity in them. To see the humans which they are without exerting the negativities of our impassioned stories on any one of them.

Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other

Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other

Stop Cursing The One To Bless The Other

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