The Negative Effects of Racism.

Confronting the burdens of racism in a world, where all men are equally born following the same natural process of birth save the geographical borders or differences that distinguish men from men, can have deleterious effects on every part of the human life. Socioeconomic factors associated with racism too can continue to pose risks to both physical and mental health, thereby breeding negative effects of racism.

Racism is the oppression of specific ethnic-racial groups in association with maintaining the privileges of others, fostering and perpetuating social disparities.

At an institutional level, racism can be observed through historical and structural inequalities in socioeconomic indicators, and educational and health parameters. In its interpersonal facet, racism permeates daily interactions, with negative discriminatory behavior targeted at ethnic-racial minority members. Racism can be internalized by the assimilation of negative messages that influence self-concept formation and well-being.

The Negative Effects of Racism.

Racism is a pervasive experience in the life of Aboriginal Australians that begins in childhood. As a psychosocial stressor, racism compromises wellbeing and impacts developmental trajectories. The concept of racism corresponds to a set of attitudes, behaviors and practices that maintain an imbalance in the distribution of power across ethnic-racial groups.

The following are the negative effects of racism:

Warped justice

One of the negative effects of racism is when a society begins to have an unequal scale of justice simply because a certain group of people who are defined by some historical background feels they are more human than the other group who on the other hand have a different historical background. This consciousness therefore presents a race less deserving of some inalienable rights of man than the other.

Health Problems

Racism, or discrimination based on race or ethnicity, is a key contributing factor in the onset of disease. It is also responsible for increasing disparities in physical and mental health among Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

The impact racism has on ethnic-racial minorities’ health and wellbeing makes it a public health issue and a central component of the political agenda worldwide.

Substandard Education

This also is one of the most nonnegligible of the negative effects of racism on the world. It leaves room for the establishment of more substandard curricula, systems, and school structures for the emasculation of some certain group of race that is perceived inferior. This then means one race will be more educated than the other.


Racism, undoubtedly, demoralizes the sanity of the victimized race as they would want to act like the savages that the other self-conceited race had assumed them to be. It is indeed hard to morally sane in a society that gives morality and sanity their chance.

Violent Tendencies

One of the negative effects of racism is the violent inclinations that it can evoke in the oppressed mind of the subjugated race. It will definitely cause a very serious violent ruminations which will consequently taunt and cause a dog eat dog situation. A very good example is the basic tenet of Malcolm X speeches.

Low Self-Esteem

Let it be known that a seemingly unquenchable discrimination against a certain race will obviously rouse up some exploited feelings that will later result in reduced confidence and belief in one’s self. Many will automatically believe that the oppressor is in fact superior and that inferiority is the former’s birthright.

Psychological Dysfunction

Racism is no doubt a reliable cause of the psychiatric symptoms that emanated in many black citizens of US, Spain, and some other countries. A human mind that’s deprived of some fundamental and inalienable rights for too long will definitely negatively sublimate the repressed and oppressed ego/self-pride. This is one of the negative effects of racism.

Economic Imbalance

The negative effects of racism is the case of uneven share of resources in the country in that some particular fine pay jobs will be reserved for some men of a certain race than for others who are perceived less or inferior.


Paranoia is the feeling that you’re being threatened in some way, such as people watching you or acting against you, even though there’s no proof that it’s true. This is also the negative effects of racism on the afflicted people in the society.


Certain philosophers convinced explorers who came to Africa to start the slave trade that they naturally have been given some natural privilege to subject Africans to slavery because they are by color and intelligence sub-human. This concept informs the pervasive slavery that was before the Emancipation in America.

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