How to Transform Data into Information?

With possession of the necessary steps and techniques, here is an absolutely reliable response to how to transform data into information? This content is undauntedly equipped with adequate information which you will need to activate the energy to run a successful transformation of data/variables into valuable info.

First, let us dissect the whole process of metamorphosing data into knowledge or information. The process is called data processing. Data processing therefore refers to the process of transforming raw data into meaningful output i.e. information. it can be done manually using pen and paper.

Mechanically using simple devices like typewriters or electronically using modern data processing tools such as computers. It is the collection and manipulation of digital data to produce meaningful information. Data processing is a form of information processing, which is the modification of information in any manner detectable by an observer.

How to Transform Data into Information?

Below is the step by step approach to answering the question, how to transform data into information?

Data Creation

This is the process of identification and putting together facts in an organized format. This may be in the form of manually prepared document or captured from the source using a data capture device such as a barcode reader and be inputted easily in a computer.

Data Preparation

This is the transcription (conversion) of data from source document to machine readable form. This may not be the case for all input devices. Data collected using devices that directly capture data in digital form do not require transcription.

Data Transmission

This will depend on whether data need to be transmitted via communication media to the central office.

Data Input

This refers to the process where the collected data is converted from human readable from to machine readable form (binary form). The conversion takes place in the input device.

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Media Conversion

Data may need to be transmitted from one medium to another e.g. from a floppy disk to a computer’s hard disk for faster input.

Input Validation

Data entered into the computer is subjected to validity checks by a computer program before being processed to reduce errors as the input.


In case the data needs to be arranged in a predefined order, it is first sorted before processing.


This is the transformation of the input data by the CPU to a more meaningful output (information).Some of the operations performed on the data include calculations, comparing values and sorting.


The final activity in the data processing cycle is producing the desired output also referred to as information. This information can be distributed to the target group or stored for future use. Distribution is making information available to those who need it and is sometimes called information dissemination.

This process of dissemination may involve electronic presentation over the radio or television, distribution of hard copies, broadcasting messages over the internet or mobile phones etc.

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