Vodafone SMS Pack: How to Activate Your Vodafone SMS Pack

The Vodafone SMS pack is an opportunity to initiate correspondence via text/SMS on cheap prices. This content is about how to activate your Vodafone SMS pack and get yourself off the stress of pocket-tearing charges.  Vi offers a comprehensive list of SMS packs.

You can choose from packs ranging from 100 SMS per day to a bulk pack with 3600 SMS. Get a Vi (Vodafone Idea) message recharge pack today and enjoy SMS benefits. Based on the pack value, you can also avail additional perks such as unlimited calls, daily data quotas, and access to Vi Movies & TV in the Vi App.

Depending on your recharge pack value, Vi (Vodafone Idea) provides an SMS quota of 100 SMS per day or bulk SMS quota of 300, 600, 1000, 1200, or 3600 SMS. Apart from this, message packs also include additional perks based on the pack value.

Vi (Vodafone Idea) SMS packs are available in different options at pocket-friendly prices starting at ₹179. You can choose from packs with a daily SMS quota of 100 SMS, or packs with bulk quotas starting with 300 SMS to 3600 SMS. The prices depend on the SMS pack you choose. Refer to the message recharge pack details for further information.

  • International Vodafone SMS Pack List

Pack / Plan Validity Price (Rs.)
1 GB Combo Data Pack 24 days 155
1.5 GB / Day Combo Data Pack 180 days 1449
2 GB Combo Data Pack 28 days 179
3 GB Combo Data Pack 1 Month 195
1 GB / Day Combo Data Pack 18 days 199
2 GB / Day Combo Data Pack 1 Month 319
4 GB Combo Data Pack 28 days 209
1 GB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack 21 days 219
1 GB / Day Combo Data Pack 24 days 239
1 GB / Day Combo Data Pack 28 days 269

Activating SMS Pack on Vodafone

To activate your Vi (Vodafone Idea) SMS pack:

  • Visit the SMS packs page on the Vi website or App
  • Browse through the various msg packs displayed
  • Select a plan as per your requirements and click on “buy now”
  • Enter your phone number and complete the transaction to get an SMS recharge

In October 2009, it launched Vodafone 360, a new internet service for the mobile, PC and Mac. This was discontinued in December 2011 after disappointing hardware sales. This was after the Director of Internet Services resigned in September 2010 tweeting “5 days before I leave Vodafone. Freedom beckons.”

  • Vodafone Products

In February 2010, Vodafone launched the world’s cheapest mobile phone known as Vodafone 150, intended to sell for below $15 (£10) in the developing world. It was initially launched in India, Turkey and eight African countries including Lesotho, Kenya and Ghana. In November 2009, Vodafone announced the creation of a new business unit focused on the emerging market (the application of mobile communications and network technologies to healthcare).

One of its early success stories is with the Novartis-led “SMS for Life” project in Tanzania, for which Vodafone developed and deployed a text-message based system that enables all of the country’s 4,600 public health facilities to report their levels of anti-malarial medications so that stock level data can be viewed centrally in real-time, enabling timely re-supply of stock.

During the SMS for Life pilot, which covered 129 health facilities over six months, stock-outs dropped from 26% to 0.8%, saving thousands of lives.

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