Whatsapp group voice and video calls

Whatsapp group voice and video calls allows 8 members at once.

Whatsapp group voice and video calls:  WhatsApp is a text messaging app used widely across the globe, in fact it is the largest messaging App. The App is an ad-free mobile application that allows users to send unlimited messages to contacts without using the wireless network or sustaining data fees.

Recently, the best instant messaging app, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced new features, which now allows eight (8) participants in group voice and video calls.

There is no doubt that ever since Facebook bought Whatsapp at the price of $19.6 billion, many futures has been added to make the App more effective.

WhatsApp is by far Facebook’s largest acquisition and one of the biggest Silicon Valley has ever seen. It is over 20 times larger than Facebook’s Instagram acquisition. 

Whatsapp messenger has definitely gone a lot of places but in order to make its service useful and accessible in all regions in this pandemic era, the company decided to introduce more amusing features.

Lately, Whatsapp has been adding a series of updates to its messenger, this is to ease the COVID-19 effect on people, allowing its eight users, instead of four to chat in group voice and video calls.

Before the new invention Whatsapp limits its video or voice calls to only four users at once, but with the current situation, the company has doubled that figures to eight people at a time.

How to use Whatsapp Voice and Video calls
  • To use this feature, Whatsapp users can initiate a group call from the ‘Calls’ tab and add participants individually.
  • It can also be done directly from a group which has more than 4 members, and it will begin the group member automatically if the user doesn’t specify the contacts to be included.

Although, Whatsapp is still at the beginner’s level, compared with Skype allowing up to 50 people to take part in a group calls and chat including Zoom which supports up to 100 users.

How to get started with Whatsapp group voice and video calls

To get started, Android users need to be on version 2.20.133 beta and iOS users need to install version beta from TestFlight. And everyone to take on this chat must be running at least version.


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