List of Healthcare Companies in Nigeria

In this list of healthcare companies in Nigeria, we will be looking at some of the hospitals or shall call we them healthcare companies that are considered topnotch in service delivery both locally and internationally.

The Nigerian healthcare providers sector had total revenues of $17.2bn in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% between 2016 and 2020. The healthcare providers sector is valued as total expenditure on healthcare in each country. This includes final consumption spending on healthcare goods and services.

The outpatient care segment was the sector’s most lucrative in 2020, with total revenues of $7.2bn, equivalent to 42% of the sector’s overall value.

With scope for improvements in the national insurance program, the burden on patients of out-of-pocket payments is expected to be reduced in the mid- to long-term, and this could see the inpatient care segment increase as a revenue stream for providers.

List of Healthcare Companies in Nigeria

Below are the said list of healthcare companies in Nigeria:

  • Paelon Memorial Hospital

Paelon Memorial Clinic is a multi-specialist boutique hospital established in April 2010 located in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria in memory of PAtricia ELozie ONyia – PAELON, the 3rd and last child of the current Managing Director & Founding Partner, Dr. Ngozi Onyia.

In early 2017, Paelon expended her reach and opened her first branch on Ajao road in GRA Ikeja. They are a guideline and protocol driven hospital and as a result provide evidence based, patient centred primary, secondary and tertiary health care services of the highest standard with integrity and are often sought out for honest, professional second opinions.

They have a wide range of clientele including corporates, health insurance and out of pocket payers and a significant population of expatriate clients (a sign of quality locally) and are listed as service providers and one of the list of healthcare companies in Nigeria by the embassies of the United States of America and the Netherlands and the Canadian High Commission amongst others.

  • United Healthcare International

Globally, there is a trend towards planning for healthcare in a predictable manner through prepayment and participation in health insurance pools with managed care as the mode of healthcare delivery done by this another on the list of healthcare companies in Nigeria. This is done through one of the best HMOs in Nigeria called United Healthcare International Ltd. commonly employed to:

1. Provide affordable and efficient health services

2. Improve quality of healthcare

3. Increase access to healthcare

4. Advance the health of enrolled populations, employee groups, communities, states and countries

  • National Hospital Abuja

The Hospital was originally designed to cater for the needs of women and children in Nigeria and the West African sub-region with a view to reduce morbidity and mortality rates, and to carry out extensive research into the peculiar causes of women and children- related diseases in Africa.

After the recruitment of manpower from home and abroad, the Hospital, as one of the list of healthcare companies in Nigeria, commenced operations on 1 September 1999. However, in order for the vast majority of Nigerians to benefit from the services and modern equipment in the Hospital, the scope of its operation was expanded to accommodate male patients.

Initially christened ‘National Hospital For Women And Children’, the National Hospital, Abuja’ came into effect from 10 May 2000. The Physical structure was constructed by the Arab Contractors and later by Julius Berger[Nigeria] Plc, whilst the medical equipment was supplied and installed by Philips Projects (B.V.).

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  • Avon Medical Practice

Avon Medical Practice is a leading healthcare provider based in Lagos, Nigeria. They work hard to provide for your health and well-being, and to ensure you experience the ultimate care. This company’s friendly, highly professional staff is committed to maintaining a welcoming ambience, conducive for healing both mind and body.

At Avon Medical Practice, a growing network of full-service clinics and onsite facilities with corporate institutions are efficiently run. Their dedicated medical professionals provide a wide range of specialist services from cardiology and internal medicine to orthopedics and surgery. Their compassionate work is supported by highly professional facilities including fully stocked pharmacies and in-house laboratories, all to ensure the highest quality of care.

Avon Medical Practice is a member of the Heirs Holdings Group. They are a proponent of Africapitalism, the principle which says that Africa’s future depends on private institutions like ours to invest long-term in healthcare and other sectors, creating jobs and generating local wealth as well as having a positive social impact on the African society.

  • Roding Healthcare Ltd

RODING HEALTHCARE LTD, a subsidiary of The Roding Medical Centre limited, is a healthcare solution provider incorporated in Nigeria to satisfy individual and corporate organization healthcare needs. Their vision is to be the healthcare solutions provider of first choice in Africa. Also, their mission to deliver quality and affordable healthcare services that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

  • NMC Health Plc

NMC Health is a healthcare chain and distribution business in the United Arab Emirates. The company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has branch offices in Dubai, Ajman, Al Ain and Northern Emirates. The company operates and manages over 200 facilities in 19 countries.

This one on the list of healthcare companies in Nigeria  is the largest private healthcare company in the UAE and ranks amongst the leading fertility service providers in the world.

  • Medbury Medical Services

Medbury Medical Services is one of the dedicated occupational list of healthcare companies in Nigeria. They provide the highest quality in primary and occupational healthcare in Lagos, Portharcourt and Warri, in a cost effective manner.

At Medbury their core brand values are to operate to the highest ethical and international standards, be reliable, be professional and provide exceptional customer service. With expert consultants with several years of experience, Medbury offers the whole value chain in occupational health to a wide range of industries.

They also help companies manage the health of their workers, reduce sickness absence, increase productivity and promote a healthy workforce.

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