How The Kentucky Derby Markets To Reach Young Audiences

Yet, as with any long-standing tradition, attracting younger audiences to the event might be difficult, especially if such events don’t adapt to the new times. 

The Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race, it’s an experience, as you can check on TwinSpires website, their official sponsor. From the glamorous fashion to the classic Mint Julep cocktail, the Derby is about more than just the horses. Marketers can learn from this by focusing on creating an experience that resonates with younger audiences.

Let’s look at Kentucky Derby’s marketing techniques for reaching younger generations, as well as what other organizations and industries may learn from their approach.

Marketing Techniques Used by the Kentucky Derby to Reach Younger Audiences

Social Media

The Kentucky Derby has embraced social media as a valuable tool for attracting younger people. 

The Derby has discovered innovative methods to engage with their audience online, from live streaming the race on Facebook to generating Snapchat filters and Instagram hashtags. 

Marketers can follow suit by focusing on popular social media channels among younger generations and using them to tell their brand’s story in an authentic and engaging way.

Partnering with Influencers

Even though nowadays every person that has a social media account is considered an influencer, there are actually many good ones that can help a brand reach more younger people.

For years, the Kentucky Derby has dominated the influencer game, demonstrating that if you want to succeed in marketing, you must cooperate with the proper individuals. Whether it’s enlisting Kim Kardashian to wear a large hat or collaborating with social media stars to spread the message, the Derby understands that tapping into other people’s audiences can be a game changer. 

Plus collaborating with influencers allows the Kentucky Derby to reach social media platforms where they don’t have any presence.

Incorporating Technology

In order to transform a traditional event into a modern-day attraction for the younger generation, you have to incorporate the latest technological trends.

Fortunately, the Kentucky Derby has been a tech-forward even that is always on the look for new technology that will help the event become more popular.

While the Kentucky Derby may be steeped in tradition, they haven’t shied away from incorporating technology to enhance the fan experience. 

From virtual reality racing of the racetrack to mobile betting apps, the Derby has found ways to modernize while still staying true to its roots. 

Marketers can follow suit by exploring how technology can enhance their product or service and using it to reach younger audiences who are digital natives.

Leverage The Power Of Nostalgia

The Kentucky Derby has been held for more than a century and is a beloved tradition that is carefully kept for generations. The event was able to appeal to both older and younger generations by exploiting the power of nostalgia. Companies and industries may learn from this technique by harnessing the power of nostalgia and using it to connect emotionally with their target audience.

Most marketers don’t know that nostalgia also works for the younger generations. That happy emotion that circles our body every time we remember the good old times. 

The Kentucky Derby incorporates nostalgia in their promotions, which works perfectly for attracting more people to the event.

Final Words

The Kentucky Derby provides excellent marketing lessons for businesses and industries seeking to target younger consumers. 

It is sad to see that horse racing’s popularity goes down after all that time, and it is all because of the change in generations.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. If most of the big horse racing events incorporate things that are appealing for the younger generation and change their approach, maybe horse racing can rise to its former glory.

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