IBEDC Prepaid Meter Code: Steps to Recharge your Meter.

The IBEDC Prepaid Meter Code is a 20-digit code and there are two ways by which you can recharge your prepaid meter, by using the code or recharging directly with your smart card. With this common ways you can get it done either using the prepaid smart card or by simply recharging online. 

If you want to make use of the smart card, you need to configure your smart card from the nearest  IBEDC office or disco outlet around you so that you can use the card to load, purchase, check or retrieve power credit.

To recharge your prepaid meter directly with your smart card the first step is to configure your smart card at any of the IBEDC office close to you. After the configuration, you can then use your smart card to recharge your electronic energy prepayment unit.

IBEDC Prepaid Meter Code: Steps to Recharge your Meter.

This is the steps to recharge your IBEDC Prepaid Meter. The IBEDC Prepaid Meter Code energy credit is recharged with a 20-digit pin code. Depending on your choice, the steps involved in recharging your prepaid meter are highlighted below:

There are various ways your pre-paid meter can be recharged. A user should have a smart card which enables him/her to load, purchase, and sell power credit. This smart card can be configured at any disco office outlet near you.

If you are through with the configuration procedure, your smart card can then be used to recharge the electronic energy unit. The energy credit is recharged with a 20 digit pin code. In this article, there are five simple steps to recharge your prepaid meter with units and the codes to input for use.

  • The first thing the consumer should do is to pay a visit to the dealer or disco office outlet near your area with your smart card.
  • secondly, user presents the smart card that also has the user’s meter number.
  • The user will be credited by the agent and then given a slip containing a unique 20 digit code with a receipt as proof of payment.
  • Get home, and enter the 20 digit code through the UIU keyboard correctly on the LCD screen.
  • If the token was entered correctly, the display on the screen will be “ACCEPT”. This means that the recharge is successful. If the display on the screen shows”REJECT” it means the code has been entered incorrectly.

If a user is not interested in making use of the 20-digit code, the smart code can be used to recharge the pre-paid meter too following these steps below.

Recharging directly with your smart card;

  •  Open the card door of your monitor unit and carefully insert your smart card properly at the place your pre-paid meter is located.
  • Make sure the control box is connected to a power source to recharge your meter.
  • A symbol like this “–” will be visible on the LCD screen after inserting the smart card. It indicate the prepaid meter and card are synchronizing. Avoid removing the smart card while reloading is ongoing.
  • User will be notified on the LCD screen once unit loading is completed.


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