Nigeria Prisons Service Salary and Ranks.

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Nigeria Prisons Service Salary and Ranks start from Controller-General with  the highest salary and rank.

Nigeria Prisons Service Salary and Ranks

The Controller-General acts as the head of the body  and responsible to the President through the Minister of Interior, Civil Defense, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board in managing all prison services in the country.

The Controller-General is helped by six Deputy Controllers- General (DCGs) who head the six wide regulatory divisions considered as “Directorates” into which the service is broken for effective administration. These are for the administrative heads, as the hierarchical order goes down depending on the positions.

The average Nigeria Prisons Service Salary and Ranks is 53,734 Naira.  The roles include Social Worker, Statistician, Prison Warden, Inspectorate Cadre, Assistant Cadre, Assistant Superintendent etc.

The gender distribution at Nigeria Prison Service based on salary submitted is male(75%), female(12%), unspecified(13%).

The annual average Nigerian prison service employee receive is between N800,000, N1,000,000 and more per year and the monthly wages structure  is (N53,000 monthly). Both annual and monthly salary is dependent on rank. Like any other security agency in Nigeria, the higher the rank in the Nigerian Prisons Service, the greater the salary.

Nigeria Prisons Service Salary and Ranks.

Here is a list of all current salary and ranks in the Nigeria Prison Service  from the highest to the lowest.

1. Controller-General of Prisons (CGP).

The average salary for controller general at Nigeria Prison Service is ₦270K. The controller general is the highest ranking officer in the Nigeria Prison Service rank structure.

2. Deputy Controller-General (DCG).

The average salary for deputy controller-general at Nigeria Prison Service is ₦200K. The deputy controller-general is the second in rank of the Nigerian Prisons Service. There are six DCG’s in the NPS, heading the six administrative divisions of the Nigerian Prison Service.

3. Assistant Controller-General of Prisons.

The average salary for Assistant Controller-General of Prisons at Nigeria Prison Service is ₦155K. This is the third ranking officer in the hierarchy of the Nigerian Prison Service rank structure. They are in charge of the zonal command of the NPS.

4. Controller of Prisons.

The average salary for Controller of Prisons at Nigeria Prison Service is around ₦115K. The controller of prisons is next in line in the administrative rank structure of the Nigerian Prison Service. It is their duty to head or control the different prisons in each state.

5. Nigeria Prison Service – Social Worker Salary.

The average net salary for Social Worker at Nigeria Prison Service is ₦105K.

6. Prison Warden Salary. 

The average salary for Prison Warden at Nigeria Prison Service, Nigeria is ₦70K. Prison Warden officially known as Superintendent of Prisons (SP) and they are in charge of a prision unit.

They report directly to the Controller of prisons, and supervise day to day activities within the prison facility plus the welfare of inmates.

7. Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP).

Deputy Superintendent of Prisons  salary is attractive as well. This rank is the second in command after the Prison warder at the unit level. The role is mostly administrative as he helps or deputizes for the Superintendent of Prisons.

8. Assistant Superintendent of Prisons I (ASP.I).

The Assistant Superintendent of Prisons I is confirmed and is next in line after the DSP in the NPS.

9. Nigeria Prison Service – Inspectorate Cadre Salary.

The average net salary for Inspectorate Cadre at Nigeria Prison Service is ₦53K.

Various Types Nigeria Prisons Services.

Nigerian Prisons are of various types which includes ones for different gender, age and some special prisons for critical prisoners as the case might be.

The Nigerian Prisons Service has the following type of prisons:

  • Security Prisons
  • Psychiatric Prisons
  • Military Prisons
  • Adolescents/Minor Prisons
  • Female-Only Prisons


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