What are the five process of creativity entrepreneur ought to take as a natural behavior?

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  What are the five process of creativity entrepreneur ought to take as a natural behavior?

What are the five process of creativity entrepreneu

What are the five process of creativity entrepreneu

In this article, I will start with the question, what are the five process of creativity entrepreneur ought to take as a natural behavior? You may be wondering if there’s anything as such or maybe the question is unclear. To enlighten your curiosity, let us start with some key words.

Creativity is ‘’ the ability to bring something new into existence. “This emphasizes the “ability,” not the “activity,” of bringing something new into existence. A person may therefore conceive of something new and envisions how it will be useful, but not necessarily take the necessary action to make it a reality.

Entrepreneur is as Self-employment of any sort; the activity that involves identifying opportunities within the economic system; the creation of new organizations; the willingness and ability of an individual to seek out investment opportunities in an environment and be able to establish and run an enterprise successfully based on the identifiable opportunities.

What are the five process of creativity entrepreneur ought to take as a natural behavior? The creative process comprises the following five stages we mean in essence.

1  Idea germination

Exactly how an idea is germinated is a mystery; it is not something that can be examined under the microscope. For most entrepreneurs, ideas begin with interest in a subject or curiosity about finding a solution to a particular problem.

2   Preparation

Once a seed of curiosity has taken form as a focused idea, creative people embark on a conscious search for answers. If it is a problem they are trying to solve, then they begin an intellectual journey, seeking information about the problem and how others have tried to resolve it. Inventors will set up laboratory experiments, designers will begin engineering new product ideas, and marketers will study consumer buying behaviour.

3   Incubation

The idea, once seeded and given substance through preparation, is put on a back burner, the subconscious mind is allowed time to assimilate information. Incubation is a stage of ‘mulling it over’. When an individual has consciously worked to resolve a problem without success, allowing it to incubate in the subconscious will often lead to a resolution.

 4   Illumination

Illumination occurs when the idea surfaces as a realistic creation. This stage is critical for entrepreneurs because ideas, by themselves, have little meaning. Reaching the illumination stage separates daydreamers and tinkerers from creative people who find a way to transmute values.

5   Verification

An idea once illuminated in the mind of an individual still has little meaning until verified as realistic and useful. Thus, verification is the development stage of refining knowledge into application.


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