Worst Conversations to Start With Anyone

20 Worst Conversations to Start With Anyone

Almost every day of our lives we make the mistakes of initiating some of the 20 worst conversations to start with anyone, be it in our offices, or at shops, or in the mistakes, at beaches, or generally amidst our friends. The funny thing is, many of us do not realize that our communications, chitchats, or talks are worst. This may be because we are not paying close attention to our relationships, whether they are going down the drain, struggling to see the light of the day, or they are just growing from strength to strength.

Conversation can be purely described as the interactive communication between two or more people who have one or two things to do with each other. The development of conversational skills and etiquette is an important part of socialization and that is why none of us can afford to lose our beloved, friends, or useful acquaintances just because we lack knowledge of what 20 worst conversations to start with anyone.

Let us therefore check out these 20 worst conversations to start with anyone so we may not make the mistakes of repeating them:

  • Celebrity Gossip

This isn’t necessarily a bad topic; it is just one that is only appropriate in very informal settings.
  • Personal Gossip

Using personal gossip as one of your small talk topics does not make a very good first impression. You could end up in a very precarious situation if they know who you are gossiping about.
  • Appearance or Age

It has been said that you should never ask a woman her age but making comments about her appearance can be just as bad. Imagine asking a woman who just has on a few extra pounds if she had just given birth. That can be awkward.
  • Death

Death is a sensitive topic and should be avoided unless you are expressing condolences. Just remember this is probably the most sensitive of the small talk topics you can choose.
  • Offensive Jokes

While this may be funny while talking to friends, it is best to leave them out of conversations with strangers, especially if they are related to race, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Sex

Sex as a small talk topic is not only inappropriate, but it could make strangers feel very uncomfortable. It is best to save this for situations where you know the person well.
  • Illness

While you may wish to share your personal experience with an illness, using it as one of your small talk topics can make people feel uncomfortable and you may seem desperate for sympathy.
  • Relationship problems

Think about how crazy someone would seem if they came up to you and started bad-mouthing their significant other. See? Then don’t do it.
  • Inside Jokes

Small talk topics should involve everyone. If they can’t, avoid them.

  • Exes

If you are on a first/blind date, asking about or talking about exes and past relationships is a no-no. This information will come up if you make it a few more dates in.

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