Career Opportunities in Gaming Industry.

Career opportunities in gaming industry are nearly up to 20, if not far more than so. The gaming industry has in this modern time become a very lucrative market where many graduates and skilled young men and women can really find their employment opportunities and spaces in order to survive. Young people play games. This has increased in number and as so many companies are flooding to devise many digital games and all just to excite the needs of their customers across the world.

So trying to keep one’s head above the demands of the highly competitive labor market is next to impossible sometimes, and the socioeconomic crisis of the society can be a great bottleneck. However, grooming one’s self to be so equipped with adequate skills that will make you relevant in the market is a brilliant idea and a great opportunity finder. So, in this content, you will be brought face to face with the several career opportunities in gaming industry that you need to know about.

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Career Opportunities in Gaming Industry.

The gaming industry does not only provide jobs for the graduates who are highly professional and prepared with adequate skills to pull it, but it is also a wonderful provider of jobs and careers which are capable of increasing your purse and making you rich. This is true, at least, by the very salary scale that ranges between strong five figures to six figures. Below are the many career opportunities in gaming industry available in the industry:

1. Social Media Executive

First on the list of the career opportunities in gaming industry. A social media executive is always needed and must be equipped with the responsibility to research new games related topics and create engaging contents relating to trending game topics generated from research. Creating clear and engaging marketing content to promote game products/services on TV, radio, email, text and social media, while also conducting SEO for the app in order to increase web traffic are what are needed of this office. You should be able to generate ideas and give creative direction to the graphics designer for daily posts on social media Negotiate and manage working relationship of third party marketing and advertising vendors or partners, and also track and monitor activities of brand ambassadors and influencers, provide feedback to them and provide contents for them. Contributing to team efforts by accomplishing tasks as needed.

2. Human Resource Personnel

The major role of this one of the career opportunities in gaming industry is training, screening and filtering CVs, inviting and interviewing the applicants for jobs in the industry. You will also have to support the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems and create and implement effective onboarding plans. There are many roles for this job in the industry and they are:

  • Organizing staff training sessions and activities
  • Training and developing staff and making sure that staff get paid correctly and on time
  • Be actively involved in recruitment by preparing job descriptions, posting ads, and managing the hiring process
  • Assist in performance management processes.
3. Gaming Product Manager

This role leads the product and go-to-market for gaming in the industry. You will define product strategy as well as drive engagement and adoption. The role requires an analytical storyteller with a strong sense of message and a deep understanding of the graphics, gaming, and desktop technologies and communities. Having a software engineering and software engineering management experience is an added advantage.

4. Digital Content Manager

Another one of the career opportunities in gaming industry is being a digital content manager. Their roles are:

  • Create and publish engaging content on all things gaming
  • Curate gaming content for website and social media
  • Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic
  • Edit, proofread and improve writers’ posts
  • Liaise with content writers and review content to ensure consistency of language
  • Develop an editorial calendar for periodic and consistent publications
  • Stay up to date with developments in the gaming industry and generate new ideas to draw the audience’s attention.
  • Knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Web publishing
  • Digital marketing expertise and experience.
5. Full Stack Developer Job

With this career, you must be strong in presentation, project management and have the right initiative to be a self-starter who can design, develop, code, install, debug and test end-to-end web-based, desktop, and back-end applications as well maintain and optimize the underlying system architecture. You are also imbue with the responsibilities of developing with several development environments, especially PHP, Java and related technologies, across multiple application tiers. Strong understanding of relational database concepts and SQL writing skills, proven experience working with major relational database platforms such as MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Having an experience with client-side scripting in JavaScript and/or jQuery and comfortable working knowledge of HTML and CSS is advised.

6. Content Creator
The Content Creator, as one of the career opportunities in gaming industry, will handle the ideation and creation of compelling content including website copy, white papers, blog posts, social media content, and product/service descriptions. Other roles are:
  • The Content Writer is responsible for adding value by actively engaging customers/stakeholders and maintaining a cohesive brand voice
  • Additional tasks handled by a Content Writer may include analyzing marketing metrics and collaborating across departments in order to execute brand initiatives.
7. Graphics Designer
The graphics designer is another important one out of the career opportunities in gaming industry. His job roles are:
  • Designing a wide variety of things across digital and offline media
  • Planning concepts by studying relevant information and materials.
  • Illustrating concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, type size and style and submitting them for approval.
  • Preparing finished art by operating necessary equipment and software.
  • Coordinating with outside agencies, art services, web designer, marketing, printers, and colleagues as necessary.
  • Contributing to team efforts by accomplishing tasks as needed.
  • Communicating with colleagues and line manager about layout and design.
  • Creating a wide range of graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites with software such as photoshop.  Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements when necessary.
  • Creating designs according to requirement at every point in time.
  • Create images that identify a product or convey a message
  • Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and website

Other career opportunities in gaming industry are:

8. Software Engineer
9. Sales and Marketing Executive
10. Product Resident

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