Functions of Department of Education in USA

The functions of Department of Education in USA are biasedly centered on promoting, facilitating, and protecting the general rights of every Dick and Harry to having quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education, as long as they live on the American soil and they are recognized by the American laws. Even then the American government has striven to provide the facilities where students  can learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment. Teachers, on the other hand, are to facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner into the understanding of their individual potentials for the general development and growth of their self and their nation.

The U.S. Department of Education is a United States executive department was established in 1980 by the American Congress.

The United States’ Department of Education is an agency of the federal government that makes policy, administers and coordinates assistance to education from the federal level. The department also assists the president in executing his academic policies for the nation and in implementing laws enacted by the Congress. The Department of Education majorly has specific areas that it focuses on in order to reach its main goal. These are:

  • It creates policies about financial aid
  • It arranges the distribution of the financial aid
  • It collects data on education in the United States of America
  • It brings attention to key education issues and preventing discrimination

The main goal of the Department of Education in USA acutely informs its functions and essence in the clime as one very incredible and indispensable part of the American vision of having an ultra educated nation which surpasses the world academically.

Functions of Department of Education in USA

Here are therefore the functions of department of Education in USA:

1. Policy Creation on Financial Aid for Education

One of the functions of department of education in USA is to create policies for the federal government because it tends to share more closeness with the national education sector through obligation. Through this means, it has a duty to help prepare the quotation analysis in financial terms to the US government and then help distribute as well as monitor those funds after disbursement.

2. Make Data Analysis and Research on Schools

Another type of functions of department of education in USA is to collect data on American schools (which include public, home, and private schools) on the American soil and then disseminate their research to the federal government so that the latter may consider it in it budgetary plans.

3. Identifying Key Educational Issues

The functions of department of education in USA are not many but one of them is helping to direct the attention of the government to some of the very key or important educational issues which may be very useful to the growth of the sector in the country. In case of challenges such as gender issues, social violence, erosion of the school curriculum, plagiarism, etc. in the nation, the department of education also help confront it while the federal government remains as its financial backbone.

4. Quelling Gender Bias for Equality in Education

America is never a space which can ever spare the free ride of gender discrimination and bias. This is because over the years all through history, the country is regarded as one of the impatient nations when it comes to the splurge of gender bias. It was in December 2015 that President Barack Obama instituted the Every Student Succeeds Act, which reauthorized the Elementary Secondary Education Act. The Act was signed into law basically to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and therefore replace the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

The ESEA represents the nation’s commitment to equal educational opportunity for all students and has influenced the education of millions of children, regardless of whether they are female or male, unlike other many gender-biased countries.

Head of the Department of Education in USA

Miguel Cardona is the U.S. secretary of education.

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