Dream About Eating Mango

Dream About Eating Mango and the Religious Meaning

Mango is an oval tropical fruit with a smooth skin, orange-yellow flesh, and a large, hard seed in the middle and the fruit grow in the hotter parts of the earth, having an oval shape, a large seed, and juicy, orange yellow flesh.

Mango is a captivating fruit tree and fascinating food. The Mango tree is the symbol of love, wealth, fertility and even immortality. In India, the leaves of Mango trees are used in wedding ceremonies in order to ensure that the couple bears many children. What are the religious meaning of dream about eating mango?

Biblical Meaning of Dream About Eating Mango.

God loves fruit and that’s why He instructed the Adam and Eve to eat from all the available fruit except from the forbidding ones. Mango is among the classes of good fruits and I’m sure it must have been among the fruits God ordained Adam and Eve to eat.

Eating mango  your dream means you should  be excited to listen to some good news.  If you dream about eating mango fruit, that dream is a good dream in general.

The biblical meaning of dream about eating mango is an indication of future prosperity, wealth, stability, and overall satisfaction along with your life and the  dream symbolizes positive changes in your life.

The dream  could also be a sign of divine opportunity, or a particular breakthrough will come to you or someone around you now or in the near future.

The appearance of mango in your dream also might be a situation where the season of your prayer is answered or about to be answered.

The biblical reference of  fruit, is in (Gen 2:16-17). the story of  Adam and Eve, where they were instructed by God to take the fruit of life and reject the forbidden fruit.

Mango is a wonderful fruit, and doctor often recommend it for people. It is believed that mango can lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. But the stand of the Bible concerning mango fruits as been considered to be a seed of blessings.

Dreaming of Mango Symbolizes New Relationship.

Dreaming of a mango also means beginning of a new relationship. You may have recently broken up and may have not moved on from your past relationship, but if you dream of a mango, it means that you are going to get someone better and good in your life.

A dream about mango represents new beginnings, erotic fantasies, sweetness, new relationships and sourness in the present relationships.

If you dream of eating a sweet and tasty mango, it means that your relationship with your partner is going to improve, if it is going through some sort of crisis, at present.

However, if your relationship is already good and you dream of feasting upon a nice and yummy mango, it means that your bond with him or her is going to strengthen.

Islamic Meaning of Dream About Eating Mango.

Islamic meaning of dream about eating fresh Mango fruit or any sweet tasting fruits represents blessings, knowledge or money. Even a sour tasting fruit means the same when it suits the taste of the person eating it in his dream.

When a sour tasting fruit does not agree with the perbond taste in the dream, then it means unlawful earnings or aggravation of his illness.

Eating or drinking any by-product that is made of fruit in a dream means debts or facing challenges in a foreign land.

Seeing one’s most preferred fruit in a dream represent profits earned from one’s own sweat and such profits will equal the amount of efforts exerted to earn them.

A large size fruit in a dream represents earnings that are not yet free from due alms. A fruit without seeds or hull in a dream represents success and lawful earnings.


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