Have you really got the Distance Learning study skills?

Have you really got the Distance Learning study skills?

Have you really got the Distance Learning study skills?

The DLC  University is designed for you to study at a distance. In most cases, you will be studying on your own and in your own spare time. You will be working through specially prepared materials on your own. At the moment, you may not be used to this kind of system. That is why this article is prepared for you. In this article, you will be exposed to certain skills that you need to study on your own.

What is Studying?

This is seemingly a simple question but, it is not all that simple. Some people assume that merely sitting down to read for long hours is a sign of studying. This is not necessarily so. You may sit with a book before you and are not really studying. Studying suggests learning and so to learn there must be concentration and diligence.


⇒The following list  are some of the problems most  learners face when studying:

  1. Lack of concentration
  2. Slow reading
  3. Reading and not understanding
  4. Too many things to read
  5. Clumsy and congested time-table
  6. Reading but not able to put things down properly during examination.
  7. Inability to take down notes
  8. Inability to follow the lectures given in cassette tapes.

If i may ask, are your challenges similar to those listed above?  If so it means that you have similar problems expressed by many students. These problems can be overcome through studying. You have to follow certain steps and use the right methods to learn.

Have you really got the Distance Learning study skills?

Study Skills

 If we go by the problems listed above as the difficulties we have in studying, it is obvious that we need certain skills for studying. Some of these skills will be treated in this article. But before we treat the skills, can you think about some of these skills?

Before we go on, can you think about some of the skills that are essential for study purposes. If you can,  list them on a piece of paper and crosscheck your list with the one given below.


⇒Some of the skills  are,  listening, note taking, writing and reading. These are called interactive learning skills.

1 Listening

2 Note taking

3 Writing

4 Reading

⇒♦Let’s take these skills one by one. The first is:

 Listening Skills

 Listening is an important component of learning. Many of the things that are taught are things you listened to. Some of these are:

  1. listening to the lecturers speaking
  2. listening to cassette tapes
  3. listening to videotapes
  4. listening to CD-ROM
  5. listening to films, radios, TV,

Thus, in your study, you need to listen to things that will make you learn. Listening-comprehension is a whole course that you will come in contact with in Use of English and Communication Skills. Therefore, we are not going to dwell on it heavily in this article. But you need these tips. You need concentration while listening. You need to be involved in certain activities, while listening. You need to follow the speaker or the medium of transmission of message, while listening. Just as you listen to learn, so also you should learn to listen.

2 Note taking…………

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