Accredited Higher Institutions In Bayelsa Sate.

Talking about accredited higher institutions in Bayelsa Sate, there are 4 universities in Bayelsa state, one of which is a federal government-owned institution and two Polytechnics and one  college of education exist in Bayelsa State. The institutions in the state include:

About Bayelsa State.

Bayelsa State is one of the six states that make up Nigeria’s South-South geopolitical zone.

It has interstate boundaries with Rivers State to the west and northwest and Delta State to the east and southeast. The Gulf of Guinea lies to its south. Its capital is Yenagoa.

Bayelsa State was originally part of the Eastern Region in the three-region structure of 1954. In 1967, with the creation of twelve federal states by General Yakubu Gowon’s military government, it became part of Rivers State.

In 1996, the military government of General Sani Abacha carved out a portion of Rivers State to create Bayelsa State.

Yenagoa (capital city), Amassoma, Brass, Ekeremor, Kaiama, Nembe, Odi, Ogbia, Oporama, Otuoke and Sagbama.

The main ethnic groups in Bayelsa State are the Ijaw, Kolokunu, Ekpetiama, Igbriran, Atissa and Biseni. There are ten languages spoken in the state; of these, Izon, Nembe, Ogbia and Epie-Atissa are the most predominant.

The dominant religion in Bayelsa State is Christianity, although some traditional religion is practiced.

Accredited Higher Institutions In Bayelsa Sate.

There are seven accredited higher institutions in Bayelsa Sate, they includes:

1. List of Polytechnics in Bayelsa State.

List of Polytechnics in Bayelsa State is stated below. these polytechnics have really contributed to the life of a lot of students. They include:

  • Federal Polytechnic Ekowe, Bayelsa State. (This is Federal Owned Polytechnic).
  • Bayelsa State College of Arts and Science, Elebele, Yenogoa (State This is State Owned Polytechnic).
2. List of Universities in Bayelsa State.

These are the list of Universities in Bayelsa State (accredited higher institutions in Bayelsa Sate). These Universities have produced some of the best students in Nigeria, and a lot of students are still coming up from the universities. They include:

  • Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa (This is Federal Owned University).
  • Niger Delta University Yenagoa (State Owned University).
  • University of Africa Toru Orua, Bayelsa State (State Owned University).
  • Bayelsa Medical University (State Owned University).
3. List of Colleges of Education in Bayelsa State.

Bayelsa state have only one college of education. The list of colleges of education in Bayelsa state includes:

  • Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education, Sagbama (State Owned College of Education).
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