Igede Traditional Dressing and Cultural Attire.

The Igede people are one of the tribe  located primarily in Benue State in the North Central of Nigeria. The Igede people occupy the basins of the minority in Benue State.

Igede traditional dressing and cultural attire comprises three beautiful colours; blue, white & black with variety of vibrant and colourful materials made into different elegant styles to reflect the cultural richness and confidence of the Igede people.

Once sighted, the native and cultural attires can be distinguished from a broad range of traditional clothing worn by different tribes in Nigeria.

In present-day, different types of Igede traditional attires are worn based on occasions.  For instance, some clothes are used exclusively for events such as the wedding ceremony, Igede Agba festival or to perform traditional dance during festival , each one, having an eye-catching detail and significance.

Pictures of Igede Traditional Dressing and Cultural Attire.

Igede Traditional Dressing

Igede Traditional Dressing

Igede Traditional marriage

During Igede Traditional marriage ceremony, brides are mostly adorned with beautiful colours; blue, white & black shining pieces of clothing worn elegantly . The blue colour symbolizes ‘peace’ The white colour mean ‘purity’ while the black colour represent the ‘Agricultural practice’

This attire can be made into different style such as agbada and buba  usually decorated with intricate embroidery, and is worn on special religious or ceremonial occasions, such as the Igede Agba festivals, weddings, funerals. The dressing is often beautified with accessories of different sorts, elaborate headpieces and a well-decorated.

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