Perfect Business Idea in Nigeria You Can Try In 2022.

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Coming up with the perfect business idea in Nigeria you can do next year shouldn’t be  difficult after reading this piece of work. To discover what you’re made of and what you can create, you’ll have to look at your strengths and shortcomings before starting any business.

Perfect Business Idea in Nigeria

We outline the perfect business idea in Nigeria you can try next year. Some of them can be started with very little capital. It covers ideas that can help you make money both online and offline.

Perfect Business Idea in Nigeria You Can Try In 2022.

You can run some of these business ideas from the comfort of your home with low capital startup!

1. Daycare Services.

Many successful daycares today start from personal home rather than some high-cost location.

Daycare business is a perfect business idea in Nigeria you can try in 2022,  you can start this  business by advertising to the people you already know or by creating a website and social media account.

Why we choose daycare as a profitable business idea is because Nigerian mothers are workaholics and this made daycare services a high demand.

A daycare assists parents to take care of their kids when they are unavailable.

This may be during working hours or when they need to handle other engagements.

It emphasizes games and free play considerably more than a preschool does.

A daycare allows babies, toddlers, and children to enjoy their daily activities away from their parents.

Running a daycare center is both interesting and profitable.

You’re ready to launch if you have prior business experience, startup funds, and a passion for children.

It can also be a way to make passive income.

2. Reselling Business.

The concept of reselling business is that you can buy something from one place and resell it on another. You can then profitably sell those things on WhatsApp, Facebook Marketplace or other social media channels.

Reselling business is a perfect business idea in Nigeria you can try, the business  related drop shipping business or e-commerce business concept that involves little effort on your part.

You act as the middleman between the customer, who places an order, and the supplier, who fulfills the order.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance Services.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services is a profitable business ideaYou can establish a Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Nigeria. Some cleaning agencies, for example, provide laundry services, while others do not.

You only take on jobs that you know how to do or desire to learn as a fixer. Also, you can check into corporate cleaning if you like to work nights or weekends. These kinds of enterprises are completely adaptable.

4. Event Planning.

To become event planner require just little skills. The most important skill in this business is creativity.

In Nigeria, weddings, baby showers, gender reveal parties, sweet sixteens, and several other events are all part of our daily life.

​​Event planning is among the  perfect business idea in Nigeria you can try next year. It makes more sense if you have lots  of females around you.

Just learn the creativity, resourcefulness, and all planning skills necessary, it can be a fun venture to start. Building a strong client base can earn you a lot of money every month.

5. Estate Management.

Estate management is defined as the supervision and direction of interest held on land or landed property towards achieving some optimum benefit. The business is mainly concerned with making profits, while estate management is directed toward earning some optimum benefits from land or landed property.

As an Estate Manager, you must have strong written and oral communication skills. You will be in charge of liaising between the owners and staff, tenants, contractors, etc. Instances of miscommunication can cause losses in revenue, productivity, etc.

It would help if you learned how to clearly and articulately communicate with others to understand what is expected of them properly.

Responsibilities of an Estate Manager Includes:

  • Handle and execute day-to-day operations of commercial properties.
  • Answer and respond to customer service requests and inquiries.
  • Process customer work orders, needs, and requirements.
  • Interact and ensure smooth relationships between tenants and owners.
  • Provide lease administration for commercial properties.
  • Prepare financial budgets, reports, and statements relating to the real estate business.
  • Initiate and implement methodologies in managing properties.
  • Initiate work processes to enhance business growth.
  • Assist and support administrative and field staff to maximise performance.
  • Implement best practices, procedures, and standards in real estate operations
  • Source, Screen, and overseeing operations of external vendors.
  • Collect Rents.
6. Agricultural Business.

What are the best agricultural business ideas to start in Nigeria in 2022? The Agricultural sector contributes just a little over 20% to the overall GDP of the country even though it can be much more.

The agricultural sector is one of the most flourishing sectors of the Nigerian economy. With proper strategic planning, any individual having basic knowledge of farming and manufacturing operation can start a profitable agriculture business.

You don’t need a huge capital or farmland to get into the agriculture business. If you have a little piece of land in your backyard, you can still plant some crops in small or vertical containers to get the most out of your space.

Check some of the  list of most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas that anyone in Nigeria can start in 2022 here.

7. Importation Business.

Starting importation business in Nigeria all depends on the size of your pocket. The amazing thing here however is that there is no limit to the amount of money you can invest.

Whatever the amount of money you invest to import goods, you will surely resell it to make over 200% in pure profits even as a newbie in the business. Trust me, there is serious money to be made and people already in it are enjoying from this financial activity.

Importation business as the name implies is simply an financial activity of importing products outside the shores of this country, bring them into this country, and sell them to local consumers for profit. Learn more on importation business in Nigeria.

8. Food Business.

Food Business  is an indispensable perfects business idea in Nigeria you can try. Since food sellable commodity  which cannot be ignored unless by the dead, this business is, as a matter of fact, a dream business of any hardworking Nigerian whose major desire is to be rich and maintain a daily flow of fine cash.

Read through the  step by step guidelines and set up your own eatery business within a limited time!

9. Transportation Business.

With the daily increase in the Nigerian population, transportation business in Nigeria has shown itself to be almost far more viable and reliable than every other business, if not for the involvement of thugs, national security agencies and other cadres that eat largely from the driver’s basket of daily harvest.

What makes the business economically viable is that the demand by commercial bus users surpass the supply.

Even car owners sometimes use commercial means of transportation so it is safe to say that up to 85% of the Nigerian population use public transport. Learn how to start transportation business.

10. Fruit Juice Business.

A very good investment in fruit juice shop, depot or production in Nigeria will yield threefold of returns on investment within a short period of time.

50% of the more than 150 million population consume fruit juice on daily basis. No wonder companies like Chivita, Coca Cola, UAC, Leventis Foods, and others have been thriving in the business and making billions of dollars unannounced.

Government ban on importation of foreign made fruit juice into Nigeria has further doubled the profit potential in fruit juice production business in Nigeria. Learn Fruit Juice Business.

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