UI Distance Learning Centre: Available Video, Audio and PDF Material.

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UI Distance Learning Centre provides updated electronics material for all its students and researchers  across the globe. The educational resources are repository of available digital course material for all students in the  Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan that will help them in their self study. The material are compile to video and PDF to make the Distance Learning education  more flexible. Below are the Video and PDF category of the materials.  

Watch or Download Video Material here

The video are synthesized in Youtube format. When you click on any of the study session, it redirect you to a You Tube channel where you can access more videos for your self studies. To make the work more easier, download Schooldrillers App from google play store.

Example of the Video you are about to watch and download: Play

ECO 101 Session 2 STA 212 session 1 STA 311 session 6 PSY 386 session 1
ECO 101 Session 12 STA 212 session 2 STA 131 session 1 PSY 386 session 9
ECO 103 session 1 STA 221 session 1 STA 131 study 11 POS 111 session  1
EC O 103 session 9 STA 221 session 2 PSY 101 session 1 POS 111 session 2
STA 111 session 2 STA 311 session 1 PSY 101 session 2 SOW 101 session 1
SOW 101 session  13 ENG 103 session 1 ENG 103 session 8 HDS 201 session 1
PHI 101 session 1 PHI 101 session 8 HDS 201 study 15
CLA 101 session 1 HDS 104 session 1 HDS 104 study 11 GCE 106 session
CLA 101 study 16 GCE 107 session 1 GCE 107 study 10 GCE 106 study 10
CIS 103 session 1 CIS 103 session 8 SOC 102 session 1 SOC 102 session 7
SOC 103 session 1 SOC 103 session 4
POS 214 Audio 1 POS 214 Audio PSY 594 Audio PSy 206 Audio
SOC 206 Audio
POS 214 Audio 1

UI Distance Learning Centre

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Download the PDF Material here:

To be able to read any of the course materials, you must have Adobe acrobat reader or PDF reader installed on your device.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader  or PDF reader installed you can download  Schooldrillers App from google play store for android  or download directly from google if you are using another device. Click here to download App: 

Philosophy. Political Science. Social Work.
Sociology Computer Science. Guidance & Counselling.
Psychology. Statistics. History and Diplomatic Studies.
English. LARIS. Communication & Lang. Art.
Educational Management. Nursing.

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