All UI DLC Economics Department Material in PDF

UI DLC Economics Department Material

UI DLC Economics Department Material

Before your  face-to-face course interaction with your lecturers, you are expected to get familiar with your courses. Learning your materials is important because it significantly increase your achievement by supporting your learning.  Your material will aids your learning and help you explore the knowledge independently as well as preparing your for exam.

How to be successful in the following manual

  • Read the title and chapter objectives. Skipping the title and chapter objectives can be detrimental. It’s virtually impossible to process information when you have no overarching theme to apply it to.
  • Read the chapter summary. The summary combined with the information on the title page can act as a movie preview, creating intrigue and providing a bit of familiarity with the concepts.
  • Skim the chapter by reading subheadings and viewing the content under those subheadings. Begin applying what you see within the text and images to what you already know.
  • Acknowledge vocabulary that you’re unfamiliar with so that you’re not intimidated when you hear the same term(s) again in lecture. Also, be sure to note questions that arise during the pre-lecture prep

100 Level Economics Material

First semester material

ECO 101 Download Material 
ECO 104 Download Material 
Second semester
ECO 103 Download Material
ECO 102 Download Material


200 Level Economics Material

First semester

ECO 201 Download Material
ECO 204 Download Material

Second semester 

ECO 203 Download Materia 
ECO Download Material

UI DLC Economics Department Material

300 Level Economics Material

First semester material

ECO 303 Download Material
ECO 305 Download Material
ECO 311 Download Material
ECO-341.pdf Download Material
ECO-301.pdf Download Material

Second semester material

ECO-302.pdf Download Material
ECO-343.pdf Download Material
ECO-315.pdf Download Material
ECO-362.pdf Download Material


400 Level Economics Material⇓

Under construction

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