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All UI DLC Sociology Department Course Material PDF

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UI DLC Sociology Department Course Material PDF

UI DLC Sociology Department Course Material

Before you begin downloading and reading any of these sociology courses, try to determine the purpose of the course  as it relates to the rest of the course curriculum. You should also pinpoint the type of information that can be gleaned from the course. However, for all University of Ibadan Distance Learning students, the publication of this course would enable you to glance through your cousess before registration and face to face interaction.

Why should i download this pdf

For the purpose of self reading or study; Reading is fundamental to  success, regardless of your major or field of study. Student  should endeavor to study  two to three hours per day. Reading material and retention of facts and data are two skills you need to master in order to get the most out of your studies experience. Download your material below;

UI DLC Sociology Department Course Material in PDF

100 Level sociology course material

SOC 105 Download Material,
SOC 103 Download Material,
SOC 104 Download Material,
SOC 102 Download Material,

200 Level sociology material

SOC 201 Download Material
SOC 205 Download Material
SOC 215 Download Material
SOC 206 Download Material
SOC 212 Download Material

300 Level Material

SOC 309 Download Material,
SOC 358 Download Material,
SOC 302 Download Material,
SOC 306 Download Material,
SOC 323 Download Material
SOC 346 Download Material
SOC 357 Download Material
SOC 313 Download Material
SOC 314 Download Material

400 level is under construction……


  1. Please sir, I have gotten the 100 level sociology study materials but it remains the borrowed courses and how many borrowed course am I supposed to do in 100 level

    1. Thank you for messaging School Drillers. In reference to your request, As a sociology student, you are eligible to borrow from Political Science department and choose the general courses like GES 101, GES 108 and GES 106 . We would also make inquiry and get back to you on this medial. Thank you.

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