How To Download UI DLC Video Lectures, Audio & PDF Materials

UI DLC Video Lectures and PDF materials published on this website are the updated electronics material for all students and researchers  across the globe.

These educational resources are repository of available digital course material for all students of  Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan.

The materials was compiled in videos and PDF to make the Distance Learning education  more flexible.

We understands that these UI DLC Video Lectures are  fun and creative way to help students better understand their material through an engaging medium. All you need is data connection on your devices to get started right away.

You can modify your learning with the videos on your own time and in your own way. These UI DLC YouTube lecture videos  and electronic devices  helped so much in self-studies, so let’s take advantage of this.

How To Download UI DLC Video Lectures

Do you know you can watch or download UI Distance Learning Centre video material here on this planform? Oh yes, I have got you covered.

The videos are school on air synthesized in YouTube format. To access these learning videos, click on any of the course study session below, when you do, it redirect you to a You Tube channel where you can access more videos for your studies. 

 Now you can click any of the link below; 

ECO 101 Session 2 STA 311 session 6
ECO 101 Session 12 STA 131 session 1
ECO 103 session 1 STA 131 study 11
EC O 103 session 9 PSY 101 session 1
STA 111 session 2 PSY 101 session 2
STA 212 session 1 PSY 386 session 1
STA 212 session 2 PSY 386 session 9
STA 221 session 1 POS 111 session  1
STA 221 session 2 POS 111 session 2
STA 311 session 1 SOW 101 session 1


SOW 101 session  13 PHI 101 session 8
PHI 101 session 1 ENG 103 session 1
CLA 101 session 1 HDS 104 session 1
CLA 101 study 16 GCE 107 session 1
CIS 103 session 1 CIS 103 session 8
SOC 103 session 1 SOC 103 session 4
POS 214 Audio 1 POS 214 Audio
POS 214 Audio 1 ENG 103 session 8
POS 214 Audio 1 HDS 104 study 11
SOC 102 session 1 GCE 107 study 10


PSY 594 Audio
HDS 201 session 1
HDS 201 study 15
GCE 106 session
SOC 102 session 7
PSy 206 Audio
GCE 106 study 10

To be able to downlead and read any of the UI DLC course materials below, you must have Adobe acrobat reader or PDF reader installed on your devices.

We have sorted out your course materials into your  various departments. Click on your department in the table below to download your UI DLC PDF materials:

Philosophy. Statistics.
Sociology LARIS.
Psychology. Nursing.
English. Social Work.
Educational Management. Guidance & Counselling.
Economics. History and Diplomatic Studies.
Political Science. Communication & Lang. Art.
Computer Science. School Drillers



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